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  2. @SavageAUS, @Matget84: The error is because you're building with EDK2, not UDK2018 update to r4479 revert MdeModulePkg/Library/UefiBootManagerLib/BmDriverHealth.c in edk2 tree to original from svn (or git). revert the 5 other files listed here. Replace Patches_for_EDK2/MdeModulePkg/Universal/Variable/RuntimeDxe/Variable.c with file attached to this post. Apply this patch to MdeModulePkg/Universal/Variable/RuntimeDxe/Variable.c under edk2 tree. Now build should work ok. Variable.c.gz
  3. Zenith432

    Clover Change Explanations

    REV 4476 - 4478 Added ebuild.sh option '-D NO_CLOVER_SHELL' to disable building of Clover-modified shell. Vanilla shell lib is built for bdmesg.efi, and vanilla shell binary can be taken from edk2/ShellBinPkg (see --edk2shell option for ebuild.sh). Reengineered the patch to GetBestLanguage() function found in MdePkg/Library/UefiLib so that 6 other patched sources can be eliminated. The eliminated patched files are Patches_for_EDK2/MdeModulePkg/Library/UefiBootManagerLib/BmDriverHealth.c Patches_for_EDK2/MdeModulePkg/Library/UefiHiiLib/HiiString.c Patches_for_EDK2/MdeModulePkg/Universal/HiiDatabaseDxe/ConfigKeywordHandler.c Patches_for_EDK2/MdeModulePkg/Universal/HiiDatabaseDxe/ConfigRouting.c Patches_for_EDK2/MdeModulePkg/Universal/HiiDatabaseDxe/Font.c Patches_for_EDK2/MdeModulePkg/Universal/PlatformDriOverrideDxe/PlatDriOverrideDxe.c Make sure to revert the removed patches in EDK2 tree to their original form.
  4. config.plist: I have SIP and firmware data set HDAS to HDEF not necessary config.plist.zip layoutID 11 is set in your DSDT this is DSDT with layoutID 13: DSDT.aml_layoutID13.zip latest releases: AppleALC1.2.6_und_Lilu1.2.3.RELEASE.zip
  5. pepitillo

    Sleep prevented by mds

    I recive a 500 error when I try to download the app.
  6. Cr@5h

    Graphics card

    Hi Allan I just installed El Capitan - pike vertion running a 256 card but it is just not loading the Radeon. How do I install drivers, or get it to load?
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  8. Ottimo!!! per le mie conoscenze attuali la 4600 desktop è nativa ma evidentemente il tuo config non era settato al top e l'innesto di IntelGraphicsFixup che nelle ultime versione autodetermina le patch necessarie per il sistema, ti ha risolto. Secondo me anche disabilitando quei rename nel config ti funziona tutto lo stesso.
  9. STP

    XiaoMi Mi Notebook Air 13"

    On YouTube page in clip description
  10. bergui45

    XiaoMi Mi Notebook Air 13"

    YES OK FOR A TRY but couldn't find the EFI!
  11. STP

    XiaoMi Mi Notebook Air 13"

    Yes. Worth a try.
  12. trongmxh

    Installing Windows 7 with USB

    You can install the window directly on your hard drive using the cmd command prompt You need to go to Restart on Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 then press Shift and click on Restart >>The computer will go to the screen as below, where you select Troubleshoot >> Choose Advabced options >> Select Command Prompt >> Now the computer will restart and the Command Prompt screen >> At the Command Prompt, you will see the account (or list of accounts) available on your computer, click on the account you are using. >> If the account you choose has a password then you fill in, if not, then leave the password blank, then select Continue >>Now the cmd window will show up >> Type CMD command to run Windows installation file In the cmd window, type wmic logicaldisk get size, caption, and press ENTER to display the list of drives and their size. As shown above, the Caption column is the drive letter and the Size column is the size of the corresponding drive. You only care about drives with Size, in this case we have the drives: C, D, E, X. Now, type the following command in the drive letter list: \ BTH \ setup and press Enter and continue until after pressing Enter you will not see the line The system can not find the specified path. Here I will type the following commands: C: \ BTH \ setup D: \ BTH \ setup E: \ BTH \ setup To the third command E: \ BTH \ setup I do not see the line The system can not find the specified path. So I stopped, waiting for a while until the windows setup window appeared
  13. bergui45

    XiaoMi Mi Notebook Air 13"

  14. Just checked this out, it seems that the link is working. https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=280834
  15. I use WhateverGreen.kext and FakeID 665C1002 get R7 360 working with QE/CL. But it's very Low performance even compare with intel HD4600. I found out that GPU frequency is very low stuck at 150MHz. What can I do to fix it ? thanks
  16. bergui45

    XiaoMi Mi Notebook Air 13"

    The issue of a dead wifi port occurs when awaiking the laptop from a closed screen: then a Reboot is mandatory Should the screen remains OPEN then no USB & WIFI issue!
  17. ciao io ho forse risolto dico forse perchè è due giorni che non crasha quindi appunto è strano in positivo cmq io ho una intel hd4600 del chip intel i7 ho usato il kext intelgraphicsfixup.kext e i parameyti nel config.plist di clover come da immagine
  18. @MacPeet the whole thing zipped is 30 mb which is too big for this forum so I'll send specifically those items you mentioned Clover.zip
  19. @Zenith432 : build log attached. We can compile now using UDK2018 instead of EDK2? @SavageAUS I don't know too how to revert the changes? Log Edit: I download snapshot commit r4711, copy to Clover folder. I use option 3 and I can compile now r4778
  20. My apologies, I was feeding my baby when it happened hence the lack of log, just a quick copy and paste to inform others of an error. How do I revert the changes? Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk log.rtf
  21. @unrealpants post your Clover folder (DSDT, config.plist, kext folder)
  22. thanks @Mald0n uploaded files https://mega.nz/#!OY1gXbLL!F75_1MEoakFAmkjwAsyY9gHyZ1DQsKSAcsZcVm5WJ9w
  23. ok thank maldon, I will try step in link but, that it work for broadwell?? my own is broadwell
  24. Zenith432

    Clover Bug/Issue Report and Patch

    @apianti: Not everything can be handled this way, because some of the patches are to include files that are included in many project in EDK2, not to just to local source files. Moreover, keeping the patches in EDK2 tree makes the patches easy to keep up to date with git-rebase, but I'm the only one doing that. If patches are moved to Clover tree, they need more complex merge.
  25. @SavageAUS, Matgen84: You haven't posted build logs, but it's most likely because of the change to UDK2018 breaks build with EDK2. To build with EDK2, revert the changes to Patches_for_EDK2/MdeModulePkg/Library/UefiBootManagerLib/BmDriverHealth.c Patches_for_EDK2/MdeModulePkg/Universal/Variable/RuntimeDxe/Variable.c introduced in r4472
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