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  2. J'ai reussi à reconstruire le cache mais cela ne change absolument rien au problème, j'arrive à booter une fois sur 5, je vais installer clover 4920 et voir si cela suffit à corriger le problème.
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  4. Ferran Robusté

    Compatible PCIE Ethernet card

    Hello, I need recommendations on a hackintosh compatible PCIE ethernet card, since the motherboard LAN connection does not work, it's damaged. I have not found much information on compatible ethernet cards, so I need your recommendations. Thanks in advance!
  5. Do you use Whatevergreen plugin? https://github.com/acidanthera/WhateverGreen
  6. Ma faute! Pardon! La commande, c'est: Volumes/<partition name>/usr/sbin/kextcache -Boot -U /Volumes/<partition name>/ -K /Volumes/<partition name>/System/Library/Kernels/kernel
  7. En fait le repertoire Kernels existe bien dans /S/L ( noyau 18.5.0 de Mojave 10.14.4 ) donc l'erreur ne vient pas de là. Je ne comprends pas pourquoi la commande de reconstruction du cache ne passe pas...
  8. Ade866

    Fan and hdd keep running during sleep

    I'm sorry but it didn't work the fans and the HDD keep restarting
  9. Il est clair que ça va moins bien marcher sans le noyau macOS... Tu l'as supprimé par erreur??? Copie le répertoire Kernels ci-joint (noyau 18.5.0 de Mojave 10.14.4) à la racine de ta clé USB d'installation et, après l'avoir démarré comme indiqué précédemment, recopie le répertoire via Terminal dans /System/Library de ton HDD/SSD. Si jamais tu n'arrivais pas à recopier le fichier dézippé sur ta clé, effectue la copie directement depuis les fichiers de ta clé d'installation. cp -Rf /Kernels /Volumes/Mojave/System/Library/ Tu pourras ensuite refaire la manipe indiqué plus haut. Kernels.zip
  10. Bonjour et merci Hervé, j'ai un souci au lancement de la dernière commande : Volumes/<partition name>/usr/sbin/kextcache -Boot -U /Volumes/<partition name>/ -K /Volumes/<partition name>/Kernels/kernel message : error kernel filename invalid et je n'ai pas de directory /Volumes/Mojave/Kernels/ est-ce à cause de cela ?
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  12. End3rPower50

    Hp 15-ay034nl

    Hi, i've installed on my pc MacOS Mojave but after installation my pc, sometimes, crash giving kernel panic. I came to the conclusion that it is a random kernel panic because sometimes it starting up and other times it isn't starting up My PC: CPU: Intel i7 6500U LAN: RTL8100 Wi-Fi & Bluetooth: Dell DW1820A USB 3.1 CLOVER.zip
  13. I change my power supply do i need new dsdt /?
  14. Because connecting the 2x 8pin EATX connectors at the top to me seemed sufficient for usual OC purposes and because up to know I thought that one would need to connect the 3rd EATX connector only in case of special and extreme overclocking. Did you make any different experience and observation on that? Certainly not a big deal to also connect the 3rd EATX connector if it would be really beneficial for the allover system performance. Please let me know about your appreciated opinion.
  15. Démarre/boote ta clé USB d'installation Une fois arrivé à l'écran d'installation de macOS, ouvre Terminal Reconstruis manuellement le cache de ton installation macOS avec les commandes suivantes: touch /Volumes/<partition name>/S*/L*/E* touch /Volumes/<partition name>/L*/E* /Volumes/<partition name>/usr/sbin/kextcache -Boot -U /Volumes/<partition name>/ -K /Volumes/<partition name>/Kernels/kernel Tu devrais ensuite pouvoir redémarrer ton installation macOS et upgrader Clover dans sa toute dernière version...
  16. Bonjour, J'ai un souci avec la dernière version de clover (4910), j'ai du le mettre à jour pour démarrer correctement à la suite de la MAJ Mojave 10.14.4, et depuis quelques temps, j'ai de plus en plus de soucis au démarrage. 1 - Avant le chargement de clover, j'ai des messages d'erreur : 2 - avant le lancement du boot du disque de démarrage Mojave, j'ai cette erreur : Problème de NVRAM ? il indique error loading prelinked kernel... Parfois il arrive au bout du pre-boot mais au lieu de démarrer, il reboot ma machine. Pouvez-vous m'aider svp ?
  17. Radeon VII now considered within Whatevergreen Source Code distribution I just asked @VIT9696 to consider all necessary Radeon VII details within his Whatevergreen Source Code distribution and he kindly did immediately. Radeon VII is now also part of WEG and all necessary cosmetics are now also properly displayed under "About this Mac" and "Graphics/Displays" of Apple's system report also by means of WEG and not only as up to now by means of my SSDT-X299-Radeon-VII.aml available in my Github SSDT repositories. For respective testing purposes, I removed my respective Radeon VII SSDT temporarily. The new version of WEG however seems to work also well in line with the actual version of my SSDT-X299-Radeon-VII.aml and the Kozlek/Interferenc FakeSMC/HWSensor kext distribution that I recently modified to properly display Radeon VII GPU Temps under iStatMenus and which is also hardwired such within my 10.14.5 EFI-Folder Github distribution. Against former claims of others, the current Radeon VII WEG consideration does not seem to have any effect on respective Geekbench scores either.Let’s see if all the above remains valid after long term testing not only by myself but also by other users, moreover as everything related to the VII should be considered as beta development for now anyway. Enjoy and have fun,
  18. jgil00

    [GUIDE] 1st Generation Intel HD Graphics QE/CI

    Thanks to all, this community is really great, I knew more about OS X in many aspects, I could see the implementations and changes from 10.6.8 to 10.14, the first system I wanted to try was Snow Leopard and curiously go through all the versions and This is the last one, I am very happy, if I can help someone with the same laptop as me (toshiba satellite l500-sp6018m) It would be great, even if you do not have the same laptop I want to learn more, Thanks again Greetings from Mexico!!!!! , Enjoy the holidays.
  19. Slice

    Alternative plist as a boot extension, Possible?

    Yes, five years ago we did this.
  20. Adde

    i5-8600K Unknown CPU

    Hello, Can I run macOS sierra and final cut pro X on my assembled PC ? Configuration Please find attachment below Image Email :- Addesmith143@gmail.com You can mail me your answer. your answer will help me for take further decision
  21. pcsolutions122

    mojave 10.14.4

    try this image - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fmX418ncau077wu9Iw9HTbvax8uRJTfs/view?usp=sharing
  22. gengik84

    Z370 HD3 si blocca durante il boot BIOS F12

    Ciao, sei una porta usb oltre al limite imposto quindi devi scendere a un compromesso ossia una porta usb che potrà funzionare o solo come usb 2.0 oppure solo come 3.0
  23. Hackmac101

    macOS Mojave 10.14.4 is out

    Updating to 10.14.5 fixes issues related AMD GPU from the previous version.
  24. if your BRCM is working i can add it to the distro. instead of boot args why dont you make these the default values in the Info.plist?
  25. MaLd0n

    All USB ports are unresponsive

    boot into system and extract
  26. maxneko

    All USB ports are unresponsive

    Thanks @MaLd0n. If I put RunMe.app on my installer USB, can I boot into recovery mode and run it from the terminal?
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