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[Review] Logitech z4i speakers

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When I bought my intel Mac, I wanted something a bit better than the 12w stock speakers that came with the system. I love my z5500 speakers, and 5.1 is almost a must for anyone, but to my dismay, the iMac does not support standard 5.1 computer speakers, but also, having two sets of z5500's is also on the way far side of impractical. I did some research and the next best thing i could get was a 2.1 setup, i can handle that, but like most nerds (or im more in touch with my fem side), My electonics and computer peripherals have to match,when i went looking for a good set of speakers for my computer, the only promenint matching speakers i could find VIA apples website were the JBL Creature 2 speakers, which have recieved crummy reviews, from apples website i went to newegg.com and found these:


After some more research there werent many reviews, and of the reviews that were written the thoughts were varied from a bad product to a good one (please note the only review on newegg i wrote :D )

Since I am very happy with the z5500's and mos tof logitechs other products like thier mx518 mouse, I decided to take the plung, but if you notice the speaker output is only 8w, 4w lower than the stock speakers. what is the benift you ask? the answer is simple: Pressure driver. basically how it works, and it will help if you view the pictures on neweggs website, there appears to be 3 sets of speakers on each "tower" but in all realit there is only one and it is located in the middle, basically, the one speakers movments pushes the other two "plungers" and it causes more vibrations, and more vibrations equals more sound per watt. These speakers do deliver and clearer and dare i say louder sound than what is produced from the stock speakers. the subwoofer helps deliver bass, and is some-waht based on the pressure technology. these speakers have a great sound, can get fairily loud without distortion, and are quite styleish.



-Great for the money similar speakers from companys like creative and JBL run $100

-Very clear highs and mediums

-Subwoofer lackluster, the bass just isnt there.

-I would reccoment to someone with a laptop or iMAc that only has a stereo output, but not for somone that has the ability to go with a 5.1 or 7.1 speaker configuration

:idea::):D:star_smile: (4/5) - Due to lackluster bass

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