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Atheros Drivers

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Okay so, I am brand new to this whole thing and I only just now succeeded installing Tiger, JaS 10.4.8 on my laptop, Toshiba A55-S106 after downloading probably 4 different ISOs between leopard and tiger. I managed to get the ethernet connection working, however my wireless card isn't cooperating. Yes, I looked all over the forums and searched and I've spent hours replacing kexts, adding device ID's, repairing permissions, en0-en1, and in the terminal. It appears that


The wiki mentions an atheros mini pci-e with a/b/g support and the 10.4.5 kexts being the solution. However, I've done that and Toshiba says I have an atheros mini PCI (not pci-e?) with only b/g support...what do I do? what kexts do I use? what do I modify? I'm so confused on which atheros card is which and which my laptop has installed. The LED on the side of my laptop for the wireless is orange...


It appears someone else had the EXACT same problem as me, but alas no one ever answered him and he hasn't bee seen on the boards :) what do i do??? wracking my brain here :(


Here is what the guy that had the same problem said:


"I'm sorry guys, but I also desperately need help with my Atheros wireless card. I've done everything, but it is listed in the System Profiler.


Things I've Done:

- Copied the two kext files from the 10.4.5 intel update into the Extensions folder.

- Chmodded and chrowned the IO80211Family.kext file.

- Edited the NetworkInterface file (en0 to en1) (actually, the file didn't exist and I created it)

- Repaired permissions on the Mac disk.


My computer specs:

- Toshiba Satellite A55-S106

- 1.4 GHz Intel Celeron M

- 512 MB SDRAM


And here is the info for my wireless card from the terminal:


	| |   |   +-o LAN@8  <class IOPCIDevice, registered, matched, active, busy $
 | |   |	   {
 | |   |		 "built-in" = <00>
 | |   |		 "IODeviceMemory" = (({"address"=18446744072904175616,"lengt$
 | |   |		 "device-id" = <3d100000>
 | |   |		 "IOChildIndex" = 5
 | |   |		 "name" = "ethernet"
 | |   |		 "acpi-path" = "IOACPIPlane:/_SB/PCI0@0/PCIB@1e0000/LAN@8000$
 | |   |		 "IOName" = "ethernet"
 | |   |		 "vendor-id" = <86800000>
 | |   |		 "revision-id" = <83000000>
 | |   |		 "subsystem-vendor-id" = <79110000>
 | |   |		 "IOInterruptControllers" = ("8259-pic")
 | |   |		 "Power Management private data" = "{ this object = 02520d00$
 | |   |		 "Power Management protected data" = "{ theNumberOfPowerStat$
 | |   |		 "acpi-reg" = <00400000>
 | |   |		 "class-code" = <00000200>
 | |   |		 "compatible" = <"pci1179,1","pci8086,103d","pciclass,020000$
 | |   |		 "subsystem-id" = <01000000>
 | |   |		 "assigned-addresses" = <104001020000000000f0fecf00000000001$
 | |   |		 "reg" = <00400100>
 | |   |		 "IOInterruptSpecifiers" = (<0b00000007000000>)
 | |   |	   }


Thank you so much to anyone who helps me with this."

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I do not think this is your Atheros wireless, seems to be an Intel NIC.


lspci from linux:


01:08.0 Ethernet controller [0200]: Intel Corporation 82801DB PRO/100 VE (MOB) Ethernet Controller [8086:103d] (rev 83)

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