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My Digital Audio Workstation

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Hi at all,

first of all thank you for the huge informations in here.

Here the steps of constructin' my daw.


Pieces bought for startup:

Antec 650 W case

Motherboard supermicro x7dal-e

1 cpu xeon 5135 (dual)

1 cpu xeon 5405 (quad)

4 gb ram kingston (2x2)

evga 7950 gt 512 MB

1 x 20" samsung dvi

2x2 seagate barracuda sata 7200 rpm, 250 GB

2x2 xxx xxx sata 7200 rpm, 400GB

Audio board pci RME HDSP 9532 (native intel osx drives (from web site))

That's all!


Using cpu 5135:

Before install i have:

Installed windows xp

Flashed my evga 7950 gt 512 MB bios to make osx view all of 512 MB



No touched bios settings, so default settings.

Installed succesfully leopard iaktos 1.0i, no problems.

Reboot of machine, no problems.

Installed Audio board pci RME HDSP 9532 drivers, from web site.



This weekend upgrades:

Sobstitute xeon 5135 with quad core 5405.


Next weeks upgrade:

adding 4GB of memory

adding 2nd 20" monitor and use 2x20"


Next 3 week upgrade:

Adding 4GB of memory (12 total)

Adding 2nd 5405 xeon.


That's all man!


Notes: cpu fan plays LOUD!!! Any Absorptive for my case can work?


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Here we are:


This weekend i have sobstitute the 5135 with 5405 (quad core).


The system boots up, but, there is a bit what!

I have many kernel panics with the same error on processor and the system goes up only after serveral shout downs due kernel panic.

The statitics are 10-15 kernel panics before the system goes up.

When the system goes up there is no trouble, it see 4 cores (Cpu monitor shows me the 4 cores correctly and working) and the system fly!

I have tweaked the cpu settings in the bios, no matter what config i set, the kernel panics are the same and the system goes up only after many reboots and kernel panics.

This is very strange because if the system goes up 1 time it should goes up all the times.

There is any idea in this? Is the bad kernel, bad bios or configuration in it? I'm running phoenix bios (1.3c) and iatkos 1.0i (leo 1.5.0)

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