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Safari And Ff Mac For Testing

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I'm in the {censored} position to make a website for a design-agency, which is really looking for the last pixel difference on any browser.


Well, at work I've got a windows machine and at home I've got a linux-machine for testing my written code. But I've got no access to a mac-machine an at this time no money to buy one. For this reason I tried to install the macosx86 version, findable in the p2p-network of your trust.


As I've got less time to do this, allready spend 2 days on reading howtos etc., I've got no working installation.


So: Is there an easy way to get an OSX Desktop over the internet, say by a terminal-server that is freely accessible? All I need is to test HTML-Pages for looking as they should.


Thank you for any answers an excuse me for posting this in this board, I don't know another place to ask such things.

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Welcome aboard! download a copy of DAEMON Tools and vmware workstation (google). mount your Tiger image in daemon tools and install in vmware disk image. apply maxxuss vmware speed hacks and test the site through vmware OS X. That would be your fastest and easiest way of installing and testing your pages.


install time: ~2hrs max.

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Well it's easy for a Linux Hacker.


Check your hardware requirements.


Convert the DMG and patch the ISO if not patched.


Install to a primary partition.


Rock on




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