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Gogole.com ;)

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it just occured to me, that when i am typing very fast, i type sometimes gogole.com and not google.com ...


when you do this for the german google you are redirected to a blank site (just '...').

it used to be not a blank site, but a site from some guy who offered stupid advertising ...



but when you do this for gogole.com (instead of google.com), you are redirected to google.com.



funny, huh ? (well, not really funny, but interesting. they are reading my spelling mistakes :( )

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Heh, catering for speling mstikakes is a big business!


Several years ago I just *had* to get a sysadmin to run my program to setuid on a little backdoor I wanted to put on his system. Knowing this guy's rapid typing and the fact that he always logged on as root I eventually hit on the idea of dropping an executable called 'telent' into the path. I was stunned to discover he managed to execute my program at least a dozen times that day (and of course gave me root in the process). Naturally my prog called the genuine telnet with his arguments once it had done its stuff! To this day I don't think he knows how I got root. (John Fitzgerald from Norfolk, if you're reading this, this is your lucky day!) :happymac:

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Sometimes when I want to check the spelling of a word I just type in the search box of google, if it is wrong google sugest one :happymac:

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