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Broadcom bcm43xx wireless driver [beta]

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devs should help us to to find a way yo enable BCm43142 Wifi kext as this is a new card all  new lap top that has broadcom chip are coming with it and theres a lot of osx user who have that chip but nobody able to enable it they is a raw linux driver for Arch linux don't know if that can be helped https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=145884&p=2

i am not an expert on this area but guys who are expert should help us we made possible to boot OS X on IBM machine and this is just a wifi chip i am sure there is someone who can help us  :yes:  :yes:

who has this chip give a +1 for the post

we need your support for this guys  ^_^

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Hopefully you are still following this thread - Just turned my old laptop into a nice hackintosh for OS 10.5.

Unfortunately WiFi doesn't work. Did everything as described in the post but can't turn the card on. Also followed all the solutions you wrote.

Can't turn it on neither in the menu bar or in the WiFi settings.


Would really appreciate any help since I really need WiFi!


Regards from Vienna,



Btw: The enabler script made my audio work xD

Solved the problem.

WiFi was disabled in the BIOS, whyever.

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Hi all!


I have Powermac G5 Quad and try to install wifi card BCM94322HM8L with adapter PCI-E to miniPCI-e.


Mac OS 10.5.8 has native support to this card, but wifi not work - "Driver loaded: No". Whats problem?


Sorry for my bad english, im from russia.


I have the same problem. Gives a solution for this "PPC" problem?

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Guys, I tried everything here. 

My device is well listed (device ID) and everything should work but it does not.

My device is a belkin F5D7001 with Broadcom 4306...


I see it using DPCI manager.

However the wifi is not working. It keeps on searching.
I did all the "advices" under the first post... no luck.

I am testing this on 10.11. Is the issue coming from the OS version?

Which "updated" version of the OSX will it work. I am OK to downgrade...

Thanks for your time

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Some know issue on High Sierra :


Unable to have my BCM4311 working and the kext is loaded , strange :


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You need old BCM4311.kext and "Aerodrome2.app" to connect to Secure networks.

Thanks partial sucess : just enable conecting wifi on my box : i ' m working for... ;-)

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Not working : i removed it and put an half mini PCI-e Atheros AR5B97 AR9287 (168c 002e) : works fine.

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