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VMacTool 0.2 available

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Hello everyone,


On my homepage (below) uou can find a DMG with a copy of a VMacTool 0.2 -- a prototype replacement for the VMware Tools package for use under a guest MacOSX (tested on VMware 5.5.3 with a Linux host).


This will let you:


(Dis)connect devices (cdrom, sound, ethernet, etc) from within MacOSX


Change mouse settings, and run a mouse daemon that allows the mouse to float in/out of the VM freely.


Switch to/from fullscreen mode


Manage the guest/host clipboards




More features are planned as well.


This is just a prototype: it is written in bash using CocoaDialog for the GUI. It wraps around a

modified copy of the vmw command line tool. After I get the desired functionality into vmw (I added the ability to toggle fullscreen mode, time synchronization to MacOSX is next), I am going to replace vmw's main() with Cocoa GUI code directly and get rid of the kludgy bash/CocoaDialog stuff.


But, it is useful now -- and I'd would appreciate bug reports, suggestions, etc.


Especially useful would be for people to run this and post the contents of the VM Stats output here, along with a description of their machine, host OS, VMware version, etc. There are bits in the VMware option word that are undocumented. I found out how to toggle the fullscreen functionality back/forth .. but I'm wondering what some of those other bits do.

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Much appreciated. Now I can run mac in mac better! No joke!

Where can I snag a copy? I'll test it all out for you!

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