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Better OpenGL benchmarking, GioFX OpenMark

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Thanx guys ... for the great ATI drivers here


Results : (resolution 1280x720 @ Panasonic plama )


Radeon 3850


OpenMark :




not shabby as well :



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Here are a few results for my GA-P35-DS3P Q6600@3.4GHz 99.99997% vanilla system with a variety of graphics cards. All the Nvidia cards are using EFI strings while the ATI card uses Natit.kext














I still have serious doubts whether this app is really any better than xbench for effectively showing the power of modern video cards.
For the five graphics cards that I tested the results for xbench were all in the same ball park area for both 2D & OpenGL. The OpenMark results are in the order that one would expect i.e. 7300GT, 7600GT & 7900GS, 8500GT & top marks from an ATI Radeon HD 2600XT with a result more than 3X that of the 7300GT.

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Pentium Dual-Core E2160 oc 333MHz * 8 =2.66GHz (Yes, it is "*8" for E2160)

Motherboard: GA-EG31MF-S3, which can change the CPU multiplier.

RAM: 2* 2 GB DDR2 800

Graphic Card: GeForce 7300GT 256M (Core Clock: 500MHz, Memory Clock: 1400MHz GDDR3)

Score: 11985



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Original First iMac Intel

CoreDuo 1.83 Ghz

1.5 Gb RAM


ATI X1600



my next post, my MHackintosh


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