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Printing with Parallels

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At this point, I am running OSx86 natively.


There are two reasons I used a Vista partition in the past.

  1. I own a Dell printer that came with my Inspiron e1505, and it (was) the only means of printing at home for me since there are (obviously) no Dell drivers for macs.
  2. When I watch movies late at night in my dorm, I need line-out headphones to mute my laptop speakers, which OSx86 can't do yet for me and my Sigmatel 9200. (Hopefully Taruga will update his patcher to support line-out muting!)

Anyway, I am wondering if installing Parallels and using Vista w/Dell printer drivers installed will allow me to print to the Dell printer in my apartment. Does OSx86 still need to recognzie the printer? Should I just shrink the partition and dual-boot or will Parallels do the trick?


I may dual-boot just so I can have lineout mute the built-in speakers, and use MacDrive to access my movies, but I dunno. If the printer would work, I might just stay native.


What do you guys think?

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Depends on your printer, I have a Samsung ML-1610 Laser Printer that works in Mac OS X using drivers from another series (ML-1710 SPL2.5 printing language) which is on USB. It works in WinXP and Vista in Parallels probably because it is USB and Parallels has great USB2.0 support now. What is your Dell printer? You might have some luck using other similar printers' drivers. It worked well before on Parallels even before I got it working native in Mac, so I'm guessing if your printer worked before in XP/Vista, then it'll prolly work in Parallels (AND if its interface is supported by Parallels, so no LPT ports there).

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I'm sure it'll work under Parallels, but you're gonna have difficulty finding compatible drivers for Mac OS X. Good luck with printing! :P

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