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New project, OSX 10.4.8 on Ps3 Natively without Qemu

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With my Dell M2010 working flawlessly on OSX 10.4.8 now, I am focusing on a new project:


OSX on ps3.. its actually nothing new.... and not a big deal to get it working and show it off.. like o look see..


Sony has publically annonced full linux and "other" os support. No need to make a OSX on PS3 youtube video .. to diss Steve jobs. ( Btw I do secretly have a peev with apple and maybe this is my way of getting back at them.)



SO.... yes you too can show off OSX running on your PS3 to your buddies... here is some steps:



1. install boot loader from Sony ( use google)

2. Install PPC version of Fedora Core 5 w/ Qemu ( use google)

3. run a Flat image of deadmoo.img OSX or osx generic dd'd image with qemu(x86 virtualizer), with a bit of tweaking it will load :) ( use bit torrent or whatever)


this is however not an optimal option or implimentation for me, I want a fast mac osx implimentation..


There are however two issues for me currently .. 1. my only access to a PS3 is a friends unit which I cant hack apart so I have one on order which I will be buying off eaby for a reduced price since I still think they are too expensive ( even if sony is selling them at a loss), and the second being making modifications to the kernel code floating around to make optimizations to run on the PPC cell core.this becomes ...work in progress.... If all else fails I might just end up running osx using the emulation technique but it will be slow as hell till futher optimizations are made to the linux kernel..


Looks like the 2.6.20 kernel is coming out with PS3 support so maybe all hope is not lost.



Stay tuned

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You shouldn't use QEMU, because you can't use an Accelerator on the PowerPC-platform. So OSX86 would work, but it would be painfully slow.


You should install Mac-On-Linux (virtualisator for PowerPC on PowerPC), and install a PowerPC version of OSX, like Panther or Tiger. You don't need OSX86.

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Why not run a PPC version of Tiger?


Drivers would be the biggest issue. MOL has it's own set of emulated drivers so that way you can avoid a very long list of big headaches IMO I think most people would not use a PS3 as a main machine anyway. Most people would use it to do some light computer/media center type work and OSX would make it easy to sync things with any other OSX boxes the user might have. If MOL is ever going to work on the PS3, I think it would more than enough for most.

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I'm also working on a project something like this but for my project we focus on the LiveCd part. Anyway, can Mac OSX install itself directly onto the Sony Boot loader ?

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