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Mac-OS-X-10.4.7-AMD.Intel-(JaS)-ISO-Repack trouble

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Im brand new to vmware and everything in general but i really wanted to get this a go. here is my specs


Dell XPS m1710 notebook

Intel Centrino Duo 1.83

2 Gigs ram

256 nVidia GeForce Go 7900 GS

80 GB Hitachi

Sony DVD+- RW


On with the story I suppose....

I go into vmware, custom freebsd. 2 vitual process. 512 mem. cd as my virtual drive where iso is mounted. try to boot up and got this error


"*** Virtual machine kernel stack fault (hardware reset) *** The virtual machine just suffered a stack fault in kernel mode. On a real computer, this would amount to a reset of the processor. It can be caused by an incorrect configuration of the virtual machine, a bug in the operating system, or a problem in the VMware Workstation software.


read on wiki to change guest type to windows nt. so i did.

after several several tries i got it to boot up using : -v -s switches


that is when i got this error


your virtual machine has sent an ATAPI (CD-ROM) command that is supported only when programming the drive via DMA. you wilil need to configure your guest operating system to use DMA when communicating with DVD/CD-ROM devices.

Note that some operating systems will report DMA is available without actually using it. In those cases, normal CD-ROM operations will stilil be availible, but special features will only be available if you reconfigure the vitual device as a SCSI device


i pressed okay and it let me continue. i then typed in the sh /ect/rc and began installation. i gave 8 Gbs partation for this. i go and earse disk with mac os x extended journaled. then i did this

> fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0

> f 1

> write

> y

> exit

and proceeded with install. i choose all the packages i think just because i didnt want to miss anything. everything goes on, i start doing other things on my computer, and i check back on the install, and it says "Try Installing Again" on the top bar it said there were some errors during installation. there was only a button to reboot the computer. so I did that with hopes that it was wrong. It wasnt wrong. the machine starts up and i get this


Loading PBR for descriptor 1...done.

Bad PBR signature.


dont know what it means, but thats what i got.


After many attemps again, it finally lets me get back to where i was, i choose less packages cause i didnt need all the printers or any other lang. i do the install. Same thing happens. Try Installing again.

Fun Fun. Thanks in advanced, and I really look forward into getting this install.

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You must choose packages carefully.


During the installation, when you get to the window where you are to click the Install button, you must first click the Customize button and choose packages for your computer. Click the little arrow next to the patches category to reveal the individual packages. Select Intel or AMD packages, not both. Select SSE2 or SSE3, not both, depending upon the capability of your processor. Select the Combo Update to get the latest version of OSX. Select other packages only if you know your computer can use them.


10.4.6: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?act...ost&id=4249

10.4.7: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?act...ost&id=4499

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I did what you said and only selected intel packages and only SSE3. same result

There were errors installing the software


Please try install again.


am i not setting this up correctly? also how come it takes me about 10 reboots before it lets me actually boot onto the disk? thanks


another thing, this time i got a:


Cannot open the disk Z:\\Windows NT.vmdk or one of the snopshot disks it depends on.

Reason: The specified device is not a valid physical disk device.


When setting up the vitual machice I must have gone a different route than i was suppost to.

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