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I got the ATI Radeon HD 6370M working with the right resolution but can't get the QE working!

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Hi there...

I have ASUS K52JT with the specs.:

Processor: Intel i7

Ram: 6GB

Wifi: Atheros

and I managed to install the Mavericks 10.9, then I managed to install my vga card kext, then I activated my LCD right resolution using the right edid...

But now I am lost.. trying time after time to activate the ATI Radeon HD 6370M QE... but seems it will never happen :(  ...

you'll find the kexts which I used and my "DisplayProductID-717" file attached.., along with two desktop snaps.  


Any ideas please  



ATI 6370M Kext.zip

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Maybe a weird question, but what makes you think you got no QE/CI?

on mine lappy it also didnt show under graphics section, but its working.

Have you enabled the translucent menu bar in "Desktop & Screensaver" section?

If no set it and check again. The translucent menubar is a dead give away if QE/CI is working or not.


Hope this helps. 

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AMD5000Controller.kext.zipAMD6000Controller.kext.zipFinally, I managed to get my ATI Radeon HD 6370 1GB working using these updated kexts for OS X10.9  Mavericks , installed it like any other kext and boot using GraphicsEnabler=Yes .
1 . Figure out your graphics device ID, you can find it in:
about this mac —-> more info —-> system report
click on graphics/displays from left sidebar
2: delete all ATI and AMD related Kexts and injectors, then install the attached ones using the kext wizard:
3 :Add your Device ID to ATi5000controller.kext and ATiReadeonx3000.kext.
GO to System/Library/Extensions
then find one of the above Kexts and show package contents —-> Contents
add your device id to info.plist under IOPCIMatch
4- set your display to the right resolution by getting your monitor’s Edid, and inserting it into the file “DisplayProductID-717”, which can be found in: System—->Library—->Displays—-> Overrides -—> DisplayVendorID-756e6b6e
GraphicsEnabler = Yes
Repair permission using kext utility 
that’s it, Enjoy :)

Here are the rest of the files...












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Well, I tried injecting EDID from Clover but I think it doesn't bring any improvements. Gonna try loading these kexts.




Tried installing the kext. Got KP with AMDRadeonX3000 and IOAcceleratorFamily.

Removed AMDRadeonX3000 and its bundle. Now it boots to dekstop. OS X even recognizes the card and its memory correctly.

Graphic is smooth, but still QE/CI is not fully working.

I think the AMDRadeonX3000 needs to be tinkered.


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