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OSX / Windows / bootloader on same SSD

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Hello everyone

I have Windows 7 installed on one SSD, and OS X Mavericks on another SSD. When i installed OS X, i choiced GUID partition table.

After i finished installation of OS X, i went into BIOS and changed in " Hard Disk Boot Priority " and i selected the SSD where OS X Mavericks is installed.

Both OS, Windows and OS X are working fine, i can't complain, but after i made this changes in BIOS, under Windows is a problem.

I'm using Acronis True Image for Windows 7. Sometime i do play some games ( that's the reason i want to keep Windows )

And sometime i do test differrent stuff, like programs, OS modifications - themes, and so on. But everytime when i test something, i make sure to activate the options from Acronis True Image, called Try and Decide.

Okay, after i test whatever i want, i reboot the PC and after the reboot and before OS loading, i have two options from Acronis :

1 - Continue in the mode

2 - Stop and Discard

 ( see the attached image, please )


But now i can't use anymore this option " Try and Decide "

When i open it, it says " Cannot start Try&Decide because system partition is dynamic "

Of course is not. I checked in Disk Management.

The error appears ( i guess ) because i changed the Hard Disk Boot Priority. If i go back into BIOS and change back the SSD, with the Windows 7 one, as the first, Try and Decide is working, but that's annoying. I don't want to go into BIOS, everytime when i want to use Try and Decide.

My question is : could i, maybe, to have the MBR for both SSD's, on one single SSD ? I mean, i'd like to have the MBR on the SSD with Windows 7, and so, i can leave the SSD with W7, as the first, in BIOS - Hard Disk Boot Priority

You thing that might work ?

Thank you, i hope you can help me with some advices.






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Did you read the first post in this thread ??


sorry  :angel:


2 partitions on a ssd is not a good idea.





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