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Can I Run logic Pro X on aspire one D250 (or 532h)?

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I've got an asus 532h and a D250. I was asking myself if it could be possible to run Logic Pro X on one of them when I'll set OS. 

I'm going to use only logic Pro and i'm not interested on installing more than that..

Thanks in advance,


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No. There's no way you can run that anywhere close to functional. After a track or two, the computer will be maxing out. Guaranteed.



InsanelyMac Netbook Moderator

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I use Logic Pro X on an EEEPC 1201n, 4GB of RAM, but I really don't know how the Atom 330 CPU compares to the D250. I can open up to 8 tracks, one being the Drummer A.I. track, before getting the dreaded system overload box and having to resort to freeze tracks and all that jazz. Heavy plug-ins like Native Instruments will let me use even fewer tracks. One interesting thing I noticed is that there's a graphics-related (yes, graphics) bottleneck, and to make the musical typing to work without lags, I must never zoom the track horizontally.  I suppose this would be even worse with your netbook, since its graphics aren't supported at all. That's it. Hope my experiences be of some help.


All the best!

P.S.: I forgot to mention that my 1201n is OC'd to 2 GHz.

P.P.S.: also, if I'm not wrong, the Aspire One D250 uses an Atom N270, of which the integrated graphics are supported by OSX up to Lion, but unfortunately is a 32-bit only CPU, meaning no Mountain Lion/Mavericks, thus no Logic Pro X.

P.P.P.S.: buy a second-handed MacBook White Unibody, making sure it's a later model with 64-bit EFI: those can run Mavericks, and you can find them on Ebay at a fairly reasonable price.

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Thanks guys,

So im going to leave the idea of having logic on the netbook.

Ill build a powerful pc because i need more than 8 tracks (just drums need me 8 tracks).

Have a nice day


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Suggested specs:


Intel Core I7-4770K;

Gigabyte Z87-UD5-TH - with Thunderbolt, you secure the possibility of a future upgrade to hi-end sound interfaces;

The maximum RAM you can afford;

A reasonably sized SSD for the system and the larger HDD you can afford for data;

A 500W power source unit from Corsair;

Some cool minor peripherals. The Magic Mouse is a cool addition for horizontal scrolling.


All the best!

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