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[Solved] Audio static when downloading or moving windows around (ga-z77-ds3h)

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Solved by using a different OS X installation method other than the one that shalt not be mentioned here. I really should use real tools to the like of myHack and to use the community around osx86.net - where I found a software package designed for my motherboard(was actually in my bookmarks it turned out). Kudos to y'all. My Hackintosh is now a iMac12,2 where I always had it set to MacPro3,1. 


Well, almost solved after a few testings. Seems as the kext I have installed this time actually shut down the audio when not needed unlike the other I have tried. So that's good. Still there's some static surrounding mostly my headphone jack on the front of my case - the Corsair Obsidian 550D. 


Original text:

Hi everyone.


I'm getting an awful lot of static coming from my speakers when either downloading from the internet - let's say Ubuntu distro or from MacUpdate etc. Also static comes from my speakers and headphones when moving Safari windows around - Anything related to the internet it seems. 


I'm using a Gigabyte ga-z77-ds3h rev. 1.0 and the usual audio kext for my system called ALC887


I'm curious if someone has heard of this phenomenon with their DS3H 1.0 system.


Of other things in my Hackintosh is a Nvidia GT 640 2GB graphics card that sits near close to the motherboard in the way of the upper pci express slot. I have a high tower.


I'm also rocking the TP LINK TL-WDN4800 whics sits below the graphics card if one were to look downwards and through the tower from the rop.


Since I'm using Ethernet cable but have Wireless turned on for Location Services I'm interested in knowing if I should at least try and move the various cards around - making more space between the cards instead of them being close to each other? Will that help with static with this motherboard?


Any help is appreciated. 


PS. I've read through some sites that tell something about moving power cables to seperate outlets in order to stop this while others say that the audio cable needs to be entangled with the power cable inside the tower. I haven't really done any of this other than moving the power cable to a different socket which helps nothing at all.

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