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Which snow leopard to use

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so i'm trying to use this guide here to install snow leopard on an AOpen minipc MP945-X, which was done as i saw on another thread here.


anyhow, i was able to successfully boot off the osx86 modcd, but when i pop in the snow leopard dvd, nothing happens- regardless of whether i press enter, or mach_kernel (it's a core solo duo).


anyhow, the snow leopard was attained by burning a backup that i have, in which i only have the *.dmg file(i uhh, lost the original dvd). i burned the .dmg file as a HFS+ file in nero, is maybe that why? if not, which version\where can i get snow leopard? thanks in advance! :thumbsup_anim:

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I've never heard of burning dmgs in Nero. So assuming the contents end up not the actual content of the Install DVD on the DVD-+R, that blank screen after booting isn't surprising. For your CPU, you shouldn't have issues of at least getting the kernel booting up on that system, possible kernel panics from other issues aside.


Assuming this dmg is of an actual retail DVD, you can use the command line app dmg2img. There's a version for Windows you can download here: http://vu1tur.eu.org....6.4-win32.zip. extract the binary where you have the dmg file, run cmd, cd to the folder where these are at, and run the following command (replace Mac OS X Install DVD.dmg with the actual file name, assuming it differs):


dmg2img -i "Mac OS X Install DVD.dmg" "Mac OS X Install DVD.iso"


Burn that resulting iso/img in Nero.


My OSX86 ModCD should then work fine with the resulting burned retail DVD.

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There's nothing at all wrong with using a shareware program to convert it if it does the job.


I guess I can add to one of the things I need to make is a simple GUI frontend for dmg2img, if one doesn't exist.


It doesn't involving installing shareware apps (commonly bundled with unneeded adware, haven't really looked at what the UltraISO demo installer installs other than the app itself) for an app that one doesn't need when there's a single program made to do the job that it's designed for.


Just my humble opinion when it comes to this topic matter.

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