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GTX 480 Over 70C idle at desktop - ML 10.8.2

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My graphics card is reaching over 70C temps when I am doing nothing, just sat at the desktop! It actually stays at exactly 72C and sometimes reaching 73C, it isn't just an error reading the temperature I can feel the hot air coming out of the graphics card it is actually hot.


In Windows the graphics card will idle around 40 to 44 degrees, so there is something seriously wrong.


Any ideas?

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Sorted it by changing the system definition to iMac 12,2 and then using the kext from here:




Now the graphics card properly down clocks to 50MHz when not in use, idle temps are now under 50C which is great.




I'm attempting to apply the same solution you did for the temps on GTX 480.


When you say change 'system definition' how did you go about doing that?


I used iAtkos and not tonymac, so do you know a way to do it after installation?




Thanks in advance!

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so this original problem of gtx 480 idle temps spiking up to 70 degrees is back again in 10.8.3


grabbed the kext from thireus blog for 10.8.3 and my system def. is still iMac12,2 so I removed applegraphicscontrol.kext to see if that will help.


either of you two move up to 10.8.3 and experience the return of the idle gtx 480 temp spike?


please report your results or workaround or fixes please


thanks Gringo, thanks TJ

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I grabbed the 10.8.3 agpm provided by thireus but it doesn't work as designed.


just returning back here to see if either tj or gringo or you have a workaround or a way to monitor what in agpm is spiking my temps


still hacking on it on my own, but in the dark...if I find anything I'll report back here

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Yep, the kext was not properly patched. I have uploaded a new pre-patched version. Now it should work. Otherwise try to patch it yourself :P.



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