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[Sell] i7 2600k, Gigabyte Z68XP-UD3, Noctua NHD-14, XFX Radeon 6870 2GB

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Recently upgraded my Hackintosh for access to Thunderbolt and USB 3 (a free Thunderbolt drive turned into an expensive upgrade project!) and as a result, have some of the parts from my original build up for grabs. These parts were used for about six months, then removed and replaced, and repacked in their original boxes. All are basically in "like new" condition. The original hackintosh was built with the idea that I'd use the PC side for some gaming, so built it to be overclocked and do well, but ended up never really booting into the Windows side of things, so stuff like overclocking and the nice graphics card became redundant. All items are located in zip code 94901, so if you're local and want to pick them up, by all means. Otherwise, let me know where you want them sent, and I'll get you an estimate on shipping costs.


1 - Intel i7 2600k Sandy Bridge Processor

Overclocked it to 4.5ghz, smiled at my Geekbench score, then decided that the speed increase didn't really effect my day-to-day work on the machine (never game, don't really do much rendering, just basic graphic design). Removed when I upgraded with an Ivy Bridge chip, carefully cleaned with ArctiClean 1 and 2, and returned to it's box along with the stock fan (never used) and manual.

Paid $319.99 plus tax and shipping: Selling for $235


2 - Noctua NHD-14 CPU Cooler

A big ol' beast of a cooler, comes highly recommended from all the Overclocker gearheads out there. Since I wasn't overclocking, and wasn't planning on overclocking, it seemed like overkill. But if you want to push your CPU to the limit, then this big 'un will see you right.

Paid $89.99 plus tax and shipping: Selling for $50


3 - Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3 Motherboard

Nice little motherboard, did the job brilliantly, and has an mSATA port if you're into that kind of thing. Has NOT been flashed to UEFI.

Paid $144.99 plus tax and shipping (!): Selling for $60


4 - XFX Radeon 6870 2GB

A BLOODY nice card, worked like a champ. As mentioned, bought for gaming, but never game, and the onboard HD4000 graphics on the Ivy Bridge are enough for me.

Paid $249.99 plus tax and shipping: Selling for $150


Ooop, just noticed that I don't have any posts here (odd, could have sworn I posted here for a bit) so understand if you're hesitant buying from a complete unknown. I'm more established over on tonymac, and if anyone needs it, can point you to my ebay feedback as well. (100%, 296)

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    • By guitarsimo93
      Buon giorno a tutti ragazzi

      Vi scrivo cosa accade sulla seguente build successivamente all'installazione.

      - MOBO: asrock b75m-gl R2.0
      - CPU: Intel i7-2600k
      - GPU: HD3000 (con uscita DVI-Digitale dalla mobo)

      OS X: El Capitan 10.10.3
      Bootloader: Clover v2.3k r3333

      Il bios della b75m-gl R2.0 è stato moddato in modo da poter ottenere il corretto power management.

      Preparata la chiavetta di installazione con la guida di Gengik84, avvio l'installazione ed eseguo tutta l'installazione.

      Terminata la procedura avvio da chiavetta ed installo clover in Legacy sull'hdd.

      A questo punto, finchè vengono utilizzati i file creati automaticamente dalla procedura di installazione di clover, il computer parte anche se non vengono riconosciute ad esempio la scheda video integrata dando quindi una risoluzione errata del monitor e la mancanza delle trasparenze.

      Riavvio, ed estraggo il DSDT originale.

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      In questo momento iniziano i problemi...
      Inserendo il dsdt modificato ottengo un bel kernel panic.
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      Tentando di verificare, eliminato già in precedenza il dsdt modificato, tento rimettendo anche il config originale. Il risultato è quello iniziale, ovvero: il computer parte anche se non vengono riconosciute ad esempio la scheda video integrata dando quindi una risoluzione errata del monitor e la mancanza delle trasparenze.

      A questo punto, pensando di aver sbagliato qualcosa nella mod del bios, torno indietro e riflasho il bios.
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      Nulla da fare, sempre stessa situazione.

      A mali estremi, estremi rimedi... Bypassiamo la HD3000. Inserisco una GT210, la imposto come primaria nel bios e modifico il config. Il dsdt modificato era già stato rimesso e... Se avvio in verobese, il computer parte e viene riconosciuto tutto correttamente, invece se avvio in modalità normale il computer non parte e si blocca alla mela senza nemmeno farmi vedere la barra di caricamento.

      Qualcuno ha qualche idea su questo bell'inghippo?
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