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Acer 5740G - finally with 10.7! description and questions..

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Hi everyone!

finally yesterday I've completed my laptop!


what's inside

CPU i5 330M (<-- edited! I've misstaped the number :P )

RAM 4 Gb

VGA Ati Radeon 5470 (512Mb ram)

bla bla bla


with iaktos L2 on first boot no work... then i try with some launch options (-x -v PCIRootUID=1 etc etc) but nothing again..


I've loose some more time over "customize" button and at first (actually second) boot "ding!" DONE!


trackpad OK

keyboard OK



base system is OK


then with the help of some italian guides and readymade kext files setted up audio & video and some other minor-issues...


but some question still running on my brain, and hope someone can help me..


1. I use this laptop for music with NI Mashine (hardware and software) but the CPU load on the software once launched indicate "red" (90%-100%) but no other apps are running and this thing makes impossible to play music (delays glitches etc etc)

there some workaround to see if is possible to adjust cpu throttling or something?


2. there's some tool to make a .dmg file and or a bootable DVD with the OS as is now installed (with all modified files-kext etc etc)

just in case to have a fully workable OS as back up!


many thanks!

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[uPDATE] point 1. SOLVED... I've forgot to set the sample rate less than 192000 :P

now on 44100 (with internal audio device) runs smooth... obvious... less sample per second less CPU load :D


now left only point 2 to solve ;)

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Question for the point 2..


if I have an external USB disk may I use this with TimeMachine to back up?

it will backup also the system (with my actual configuration) or only .apps & docs & other files?


many thanks for any help/idea!!!


(and happy new year!!! ;) )

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