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Hi all!


So my Hackintosh I built last year was working like a charm and I was really happy with it. It had some freezes sometimes but very few (like every computer).


So I'm working on this super important project and I was just doing some work when it freezed again. I thought it's not a big deal since this has happened before. So I forced shut down and when I wanted to boot again, the Apple logo didn't come up with the wheel.


I was shocked, I didn't know what could possibly be wrong! So I booted with -v and saw the following error after some time: "ebios read error: device timeout"


I have a system where OSX is on a separate SSD and Windows on another SSD. Then I have 3 2TB harddrives which store ALL my work (with backups). So I booted into Windows and after I installed Mac Driver I saw that it said the harddrives are corrupted, all 3 of them! I didn't know how this could be possible. The SSD where the system is stored didn't seem to be damaged.


SO I unplugged ALL harddrives except the system SSD and I still got the error, this time it was "ebios read error controller or device error" with more information (Here is a pic: http://i.imgur.com/skszA.jpg)


I'm really exhausted. ALL of my work is on those harddrives and I can't just format them...


Can you guys help me?




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