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Guest lip2502

(SOLVED) 10.5.8 Combo Update Restart error at boot

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Guest lip2502

Hi all,


I have been working on my hackintosh for a few days now, and I finally got everything working fine (except WEP for wifi).

I have used ideneb 1.3 (Leopard 10.5.5).


But after installing the combo update 10.5.8, everything is messed up. I can't even boot. I get a message at the beginning of the booting process telling me that I have to restart my computer.


I tried safe mode (-x), I tried (busratio=20), I even repaired the permission via the disk utility of the Ideneb DVD. Nothing's changed.


Do you have any idea on how to fix this up ?


Thanks for your time and help :D

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These iXXX disks is AKA "distro" or simple put a patched retail OS X disks. The disk was patched in order to make it run and install on ordinary PC (not Mac). In order to make it possible some files from original install disk are patched, some are replaced with different ones, some are added (not present on the original media). It usually also have some modified kernels added for incompatible CPUs to be supported. Also some components are removed in order to "stuff it" to a single layer DVD disk (instead of dual one) - such as printer drivers and/or languages.


One can use a retail OS X disk/disk image to install OS to a PC. It is done by using an additional boot CD/USB drive. It might be more difficult to install it like this (depending on hardware used), but usually works better. Including updates.


When you update OS X using either combo or delta update file (the one downloaded from Apple's website), it updates many system files including kernel. Now if some of these files were patched on the distro disk, they are overwritten by a newer and not necessary compatible version. Therefore OS X can no longer boot - because some patched files what were essential for the system to work were replaced with new and not patched (original) files.


In order to get your OS X working again, you need to replace these essential files with the patched ones (newer version but patched the same way older files were). Obviously one must know what files were the essential files and how to patch/modify/get them and replace them. I can't tell what these file were. I would be difficult to figure this out or you can also restore OS X from a backup (if you have one).


Therefore you should avoid updating OS X installed from a dsitro disk, via official/non patched (these also are/were present in the same places where you have found your distro disk) Apple updates, if you use a distro disk. In other words, if you have distro based OS X - don't use non-patched updates. Or you will have to restore the system files.


Now if a retail disk is used, most official updates will install without any issue (depending on the hardware used). This is because there are no patched files in the retail disk so updating these doesn't breaks anything.

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Guest lip2502

Could not wait any longer, I had to reinstall a brand new system. I have switched to MAC OS X 10.6.3. Anyways because extra careful when updating from ideneb.


@ fantomas 1 : It said Debugger called (panic) or something like that :(


Thanks for your help. Any idea on why I can't connect WEP protected networks ?


Wifi specs : Hercules Mini G - Realtek 8188SU 10.6

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