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snow leopard runs really really slow

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righteoooooo i just picked up a old hp dx2200 mini tower with a penitum 4 ht 3.0 ghz and 1gb of ram, i tried to install snow leopard which worked no problem i copied my install cd to a usb pen and added chameleon with ata ati kext and fakesmc also added the legacy_kernel,


now the problem is snow takes around 5mins to boot and once it has booted it is really really slow like opening windows in finder take for ever to show and some time doesnt even respond i was going to try another reinstall to see if the problem would be solved, is it the ati ata kext causing the problem or is it somthing else i kinda hitting my head against a brick wall as what to do next


thanks for looking




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Have you try to upgrade the ram to 2gb minimum????

What kind of hdd do you have is it SATA(no pin) or PATA(pin)????

On your bios did you change it to AHCI??

How old is your computer????

If it is a PATA hdd, it will be very slow.

If your bios setting can not change to AHCI then it is IDE so it will be even slower.

If you can change to AHCI then i recommend upgrade your Hard Drive to a SSD Hard Drive because it don't use moving part like the plater( the disk in Hard Drive) so it would be very fast . If you can't change to AHCI then don't buy a SSD Hard Drive because IDE only made it a bit faster not very fast.

Report back.

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hi i havent tried upgrading the ram to 2gb yet i was using a sata hdd in the bios there is no setting for ahci what do you mean by sata with a pin as in where the jumpers are located

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hi and yes i mean the port of the hard drive.

If you don't get what i mean there google image it.

I think it the slow hardware. Do you know how fast the hard drive go (rpm)?

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