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successfully installed ML DP1 on SSD 128GB 6GB/S (MB is SATA 2), everything is working including iCloud/App Store etc. at the beginning everything was fast but now (after a month) the system is very slow and once in a while there are freezings especially when internet browsing... Is that related to the SSD? maybe Hackintosh on SSD using old SATA can cause this? I am going crazy finding a solution...


CPU Q6600


VGA HD4670

HDD OWC 6GB/S Mercury 128GB

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Probably not the SSD drive, but your can run novabench and see what it says for SSD speed(black magic doesn't report proper speeds in ML) along with cpu, mem and gpu. may help narrow it down. If your still running DP1 this could also be an issue, first dev release is always buggy and DP1 was barely usable, where the later dev releases are fine and can be an everyday OS

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thanks eep i will try that, another interesting thing is when i restart the machine and lunching activity monitor the system free memory is about 6gb and the system running just fine but after 10-20min the free memory is decreasing and then all the lags and slowness is happening...Is ML not using memory correctly on hack machines? anyone know such issue?

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something running might have a memory leak. When it starts doing that, open terminal and type: purge

that will purge the memory and should fee up any that's being used by apps without

having immediate need to access it. If that makes everything fast and fun again for a little while, you'll need to find your memory hog to fix it, activity monitor can help lots

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