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Replacing the LCD of a Macbook 4.1

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Hi everyones, i buy a user macbook 4.1, with a display backlight problem, now i try to find some replacement for the display and i found a simillar model.


The original screen of the macbook is a Samsung Display LTN133W1-L01 20 pin


And the replacements appear like a compatible 20 pin TOSHIBA LTS133EX2A


Is that true? i check the web and i found this :


13.3" (13,3") WXGA (1280x800) Brillante (Glossy)


A+ Grade, no dead pixel

Conector: 20 Pin 22mm

Dimensiones: 305.0x203.0x10.0mm


Part Number (P/N):


LP133WX1 (TL)(A1), LP133WX1 (TL)(A2), LP133WX1 (TL)(B2), LP133WX1 (TL)(B3), LP133WX1 (TL)(C1), LP133WX1 (TL)(N3), LP133WX1-TLA1, LP133WX1-TLA2, LP133WX1-TLB2, LP133WX1-TLB3, LP133WX1-TLC1, LP133WX1-TLN3


APPLE 661-3959

APPLE 661-4211



B133EW01, B133EW01 V.0, B133EW01 V.1, B133EW01 V.2, B133EW01 V.3, B133EW01 V.4, B133EW03 V.2



N133i1-L01, N133i1-L01 Rev.C1, N133i1-L01 Rev.C2, N133i1-L02, N133i1-L02 Rev.A2, N133i1-L02 Rev.A3, N133i1-L03, N133i1-L03 Rev.A2, N133i1-L03 Rev.A3, N133i1-L03 Rev.C1, N133i1-L04 Rev.C1, N133i1-L05 Rev.C1



LTN133AT07-001, LTN133AT07-G01, LTN133W, LTN133W1-L01, LTN133AT07



LQ133K1LA00, LQ133K1LA04, LQ133K1LD4B



QD13WL01 Rev.01, QD13WL02, QD13WL02 Rev.01






Maybe anyone can helpme with this?



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Have you tryed ebay? I have a Macbook pro with a burned logic board (A1260) and am going to sell it there for parts.

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yes i try, but i don get better results, y find a display dealer web


http://www.digitaleu...ii1m7ge99k0r8q7 ---> this is not spam


And they specify this model is simillar to the original macbook samsung display.


I want try one of these screens to comment


an in another web they sell the toshiba display like replace part for macbook 13.3 ccfl wxga display

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