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[Mac Mini 2011] Stopping wake when system in sleep mode or shutdown

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I have a Mac Mini 2011 model unit. I've been wrestling with an issue that I've had for quite a while and I'm running out of ideas. At this point I'm hoping that someone in the community has come across it and found a fix. The system will randomly wake up (usually in the am hours) from either sleep or shutdown state. As far as I can tell shutdown doesn't fully power off the machine and just puts it to sleep anyways. Can someone help me on this one?


Even if you think I should of done a particular troubleshooting step ask anyways. It did it this morning but kernel logs showed no wake reason. Wake on network activity is currently disabled. Wake from bluetooth is disabled as well (I have no bluetooth sync'd to this unit anyways). As a test on theory I've installed sleepwatcher and set it up to shutdown mDNSResponder when the unit goes to sleep and to bring up the service again when the system wakes up. Tested that setup to make sure the scripts are triggered properly but in the meantime I would still like any other ideas that the community can offer.


EDIT: This script doesn't work when the system does a full shutdown/startup but yet something is still waking it up so a permanent fix is going to be needed eventually so any help provided is appreciated.

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