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nVidia 7300 LE on AMD HP Pavilion on 10.6.7

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Hey guys,


Long time x86 users and tweaker. run a few hacintosh systems and recently found an old HP Pavilion in my garage. spruced it up a little with 2gbs RAM and a 320gb Sata drive. have been able to get most everything running except graphics support. It has the built in Gforce 6150 LE AND a PCI nVidia 7300 LE. neither of which i can get working properly with out conflicts. Ive tried ATV_Init.kext, NVInject.kext AND NVEnabler.kext all of which work in the aspects of adding full support for both cards, however they all three conflict with the IOUSBHID kexts, causing the mouse to invert axis on random. all proven by the console log. System runs great with out these kexts just only supports 1024x768x60hz with no QE or other support. Ive included a list of the Extra Ext im using with no other conflicts..

Can someone please point me in the right direction to fix this, with out getting a new vid card. Thanks! soon i hope to also try Lion on it :)














EXT that cause the conflict:




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Instead of kexts, try using an EFI string. It does the same thing the kexts do but without using an extra next. Googling around for strings for your cards will probably bring up results. Have you also tried GraphicsEnabler=Yes?


If you come across a post about that strings cannot be done from Snow Leopard, that's outdated. Just so you know. ;) I've done strings from Snow Leopard that work just fine (with my Quadro FX 1700).

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Yes, ive tried GraphicsEnabler=Yes, also using Lizard with graphics enabled and graphics injection, also tried using the Graphics Mode as we talked about earlier. Al of those methods work in the aspect that they allow for full support BUT the problem comes with an conflict in the IOUSBHID kext causing the mouse to be extremely unstable, switching axis at random and being overly sensitive to the point not being able to use it, and general slowness over all. with out those methods, the unit boots up in 30secs and runs great EXCEPT with no full graphics support....so im torn.. If you come across an EFI string for the nVidia 7300 LE or gForce 6150 by all means let me know ;)

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Do not get ATi!! They are the most painful cards to enable. nVidia is always the way to go.


Have you tried the EvilUSB kexts? If you don't have them, I can get them to you.

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