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Help with Boot-132

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Booting my Dell Optiplex GX620 w/non-partitioned 250GB SATA hard drive in to the Boot-132 disc I burned from an ISO file, and I all I get the gray Mac screen with the Apple logo.

According to the instructions (which are not in front of me right now), I place the Boot-132 disc in my drive to let my PC boot up, when I'm asked to hit enter to start Darwin I do, everything looks okay (I guess), at the next prompt I'm asked to enter in the number for my hard drive, the instructions that I have say at this point since I've just started not to enter anything, but instead swap out the Boot-132 disc for my legal retail copy of OS 10.5 Leopard, (which I do) then hit enter.

Next I notice a bit of txt on the screen then the gray back ground with the Apple logo, I think success... 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15, minutes, 30 minutes, and hour.... Nothing progress, I'm stuck.

Anyone have any ideal what I'm doing wrong, do I have the wrong Boot-132 iso? I think this is the one I burned from http://www.mediafire.com/?1ne1zbl4znv

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Sorry I wrote that from work and didn't have the exact link in front of me. I had hard time finding the Boot-132 iso file to download, so I ended up using this download link that I got from <http://www.hackint0sh.org/f181/44314.htm>.

As far as the gray screen with the Apple logo, that is the screen that you first see when starting up a actual Mac (boot splash screen ??).

The Boot-132 iso I download did not allow me to enter -v at boot up, also would let me enter -? either which I though odd.

Just curious, the hard drive I have has not partition or OS installed on it, so consequently no MBR (Master Boot Record), could part of my problem be the fact that the HD doesn't have a MBR?

If I've got a bad Boot-132 iso, do you recommend downloading one from some place else, had a hard time finding the one I did find.

any advise or help would be appreciated.

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Well I don't know what's in a Dell Optiplex GX620, but unless you're very lucky you can't just pick up any old Boot-132 image and expect it to work. With emphasis on old, because that's what it is if it's called Boot-132. A boot CD needs to match your hardware (at least some of it) and the OSX version you're trying to boot. Try something more recent like Nawcom's modCD.


Yes, your Boot-132 iso does have a boot prompt where you enter boot loader parameters and kernel flags. You have to press some other key to get the boot prompt right before you select which drive to boot or do the swap trick.


I know what the gray apple screen is, I'm just saying it's not useful at all for diagnostics or troubleshooting purposes. For example, as you know, a machine (be it a Mac or a Hackintosh) that works and perfectly boots OS X also shows a gray apple boot screen, the only difference is that it eventually stops showing it, and nobody is any wiser.


When you're booting a DVD, it doesn't matter what's on the hard drive or if it has a boot sector or not, or if there is any hard drive installed at all.

Think about this: How would you install OS X on a Mac with a brand new hard drive if you couldn't boot the install DVD on a system with a blank hard drive in it?

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