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Linux_Inside V2

G5 Rear panel I/O without MB Tray?

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Hey Guys,


I bought a Late 2004 Case last week and have been waiting to get my new m-ATX board to complete the build


I'm looking to do this as stock as possible, so my PSU will be mounted in the original G5's psu case and I don't plan on doing much in the way of cutting.


Anywhoo, my question is as follows:


Some people have cut up G5 boards and used the rear panel IO to wire it up to their ATX boards, I'm wondering if there is enough clearance to do this as well as mounting the Micro-ATX board directly in the case without a motherboard tray? the only ones I've seen have had weird setups where the PCI-Express slot doesn't line up with the rear slots but uses DVI extensions etc.


Please tell me it's possible! I want my case to look as stock as possible!

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Sweet, that's the plan!


I just thought it might not fit, since the standoffs for the rear of the mainboard look like they'll sit under the ATX board when it's mounted, I'm guessing that I'm wrong there though?

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I was able to cut out and use most of the rear IO from my late 2005 G5. I had to cut off the network jacks since they were in the way of the audio jacks on my new board. I also had to trim down the backs on the two audio jacks of the salvaged IO since they interferred with the DVI connector on the new motherboard. Of all the connectors I only soldered on wires for the three usb jacks and the two audio jacks. I'll have firewire running through the front port and don't ever plan on using it anyway.


It is definitely a REALLY tight fit. The rear IO and my motherboard are literly touching eachother so I had to put a piece of tape between them to make sure there wouldn't be any shorts.

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