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[Install] Snow Leopard 10.6.6 on ASUS 1015PEM

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Snow Leopard 10.6.6 on ASUS 1015PEM


Firstly I would like to introduce myself as James, this is my first post on this forum however I have spent countless hours reading up as a guest on how to install osx on a pc and felt it was time to return some gained knowledge back to the forum


Photos for tutorial coming soon


What's needed


A working mac for setting up the installer

8 - 16GB USB Stick

Netbook Installer 20101127091350 - (Google it as im not sure of the link policy)

Snow leopard Retail Install Disk

Kext Helper


Kexts etc

(I have attached these at the bottom)




Modified Flash Player (Stops flash content crashing safari)

Legacy Kernel for 10.6.6


What doesnt work

Graphics (Intel 3150)

WIFI (Solved by replacing with known working broadcom one from dell studio laptop)


Step 1

  1. Open Disk Utilitys
  2. Format the USB stick with a GUID partition table with the Mac OS Extended (Journaled) Format
  3. Restore the Snow leopard Retail Install Disk on to the usb memory stick


Step 2

  1. Run Netbook Installer 20101127091350 and "Create Booter" on USB Stick
  2. Copy the legacy_kernel file into the root of the memory stick


Step 3

  1. Plug USB stick into the netbook and boot from that stick
  2. Select the Mac Install Disc option and type legacy_kernel in boot flag box
  3. Open Disc Utilities in the installer to partition the installation drive (Use GUID partiton table with the Mac OS Extended (Journaled) file system)
  4. Continue through the installer


Note: The installer will possibly hang at 10 minutes remaining this is normal, if this happens just power down the netbook


Step 4

  1. Boot back into the USB and run Netbook Installer to make the installation bootable
  2. Now remove the USB and boot from the new install


Step 5

  1. Download Kext Helper and install the Ethernet Driver
  2. Restart using the -f flag
  3. Install Voodoo HDA and restart
  4. Install remaining files


Hope this helps those that are struggling to get a working install





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