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mapped drive issue

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I have an issue that may be unique, I'm not sure.


Here is what I have noticed in Lion: When I Connect to Server with an address such as the following: smb://Server1/Share2/Subfolder3 that Lion puts Share2 in the finder. I'm fairly sure it didn't work that way in Snow Leopard. I remember it putting Subfolder3 as the mapped drive in Finder.


In most situations this is just annoying because if you are wanting to save something in the particular folder you had originally mapped, you now have to fish through your share to find the folder.


I have a situation that is a little different. On our network we have a home$ share that has everyone's home drive in the company. People don't have read ability on the home$ share because they don't need to know who has a home drive nor see any files that are located there. For them to access it, they have to go directly to their specific home drive. Now, when you map smb://server/home$/user it opens up their user folder initially but as I mentioned above only home$ will show in finder. When a user tries to go through finder to navigate to their folder (or save something) they can't because they get an error when they click on home$ that they don't have permissions. Windows users do not have this problem. Snow Leopard users do not have this problem. No one does but those who have upgraded to Lion. The only way to even view the home drive is to look at it through Terminal or use Go to Folder and type in /home$/user after mapping. This work ok for wanting to view or open items, but fails when you want to save something.


At this point, we don't want to change anything on the servers. How can I get around this in Lion? Can I create an alias somehow to this share than you can access? If so, how? I don't know how to make an alias in this situation. It doesn't show this folder anywhere in Finder to be able to drag it anywhere.


Any help will be very appreciated.






FYI: I just have a normal MacBook Pro. No substantial modifications.

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