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Boot LiveDVD.iso by Grub4dos iso emulation

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Following the tutorial by hecabe,




I have made a working Snow Leopard 10.6.4 LiveDVD.


But I want to do something more.


Grub4dos has a feature called "ISO emulation", by which one can boot from iso directly.


When I boot my computer, I got grub4dos menu, then I typed the following commands:


title Snow Leopard LivDVD ISO

map --mem (hd0,0)/ISO/Mac-Live.iso (hd32)

map --hook

map (hd32) (hd0) #with this line or without

chainloader (hd32)



it continues to boot from Mac-Live.iso, but finally it stops with a message


"still waiting for root device" , and repeat this message again and again.


My question : Is any way to boot directly from Snow Leopard LiveDVD iso?


(I think we may modify some files...)


The reason for which I want to boot from iso are:


1. I don't have a built-in DVD rom. I tested the LiveDVD by an external DVD rom.


2. Booting from iso is much faster that booting from DVD rom.



3. I can use LiveUSB, but I prefer to use LiveDVD iso, because I like grub4dos.

With ISO emulation, I don't have create many partitions. (I have many bootable ISO,

for example, BartPE, Win7PE, Ubuntu...etc)

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Still waiting for root device arises from the system's inability to find a mountable block device--most of the time this happens because there isnt a kext loaded to take care of the hardware where the disk is connected (ie, no diskcontroller kext). Its possible(worrisome) that grub4dos is doing some sata controller emulation and u simply dont have the right kext to handle the emulated device.

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