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P5WD2-E Premium

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Here are my specs:

Asus P5WD2-E Premium

Intel Pentium D 930

Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro CPU fan

2x1GB DDR2 PC4200 Kingston ValueRAM (matched pair and Dual channel at slot 1 and 3)

Sapphire Radeon X1300 256 MB (fanless)


First of all, I've not done any overclocking. All set to Automatic, except AI Quiet which was disabled.


Sometimes BIOS tells me Overclocking failed or Overvoltage failed at startup. :)

How do I fix this?


An overclocked fast computer is not of any interest. I just want it to be stable!

So I guess the Auto settings are overclocking my CPU? Right? julli-rulle2.gif


Here we go! At AI Overclocking there are four options: Manual/Auto/Overclock Profile/AI N.O.S.

I'm going for manual to get specific parameters visible and editable.


CPU Frequency lets me choose a value of 100-450.

Is that the CPU FSB? Thought mine was 800 MHz. :D

Or is it a multiplier thing? Should I go for 200? Or 400?

DRAM Frequency wasn't too hard though ;) DDR2-533

Then there's Performance Mode=Auto, PCI Express Frequency=Auto, PCI Synchronization Mode=Auto and finally all the voltage parameters for Memory/CPU VCore etc.


I read this thread where someone had this issue with another ASUS MB (though he was overclocking).

ced1610 told him to put the PCI-E Freq at 118 MHz. What difference would this make to me?


I'd be so thankful if someone could tell me what parameters to change to make this board stable and not overclocking? :)


Second, Asus Probe says my CPU temp is 54°C (129°F). That would be ok.

But it warns about my MB temp, 45°C (113°F)!

Are these two problems related? :whistle:

Would the temperature fall if BIOS settings are optimized?


I've got a giant 120mm Antec chassis fan in my Sonata case. Do I really need another fan to cool this MB?

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On the Asus forum, there is a guy named Wizard who is the defacto expert on this motherboard. He is a volunteer and not affiliated with Asus. Here are two articles he has written, the first one is on BIOS and the other on the mobo in general. The Asus forum is finicky, so if you don't get in, just try again later. I've shortened the URL's through TinyURL:




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