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10.6.2 Inspiron 1520 Vanilla Install - DSDT

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I have a completely Vanilla install(minus network card) of 10.6 which I then used apples software update to 10.6.2.


So far so good, and figured I'd post this to help others that had similiar questions to what I had, along with hopefully get some other inspiron 1520/1720 users to help me solve some of my questions as well.


By patching my DSDT, I have accomplished the following.


1. Geforce 8600M GT card is recognized and QE/CI is enabled (To check if QE/CI is enabled, look at your top menu bar (NOT THE DOCK) and if it is transperant towards the upper right of the screen, then it's installed. The other check you can do to see if it is installed is to open DASHBOARD, and add a gadget. If you see a ripple/water effect after you add the gadget then it's enabled. By using a EFI string, or NVInject, it would recognize the card, but QE/CI would not open and it made a HUGE Difference. Things like opening up the Application folder use to be choppy, but now it's completly smooth with QE/CI working.


To patch the dsdt for your geforce card, use this link



2. The removal of the need for IOATAFamily.kext patch. in version 10.6.3 I have heard apple has updated the kext, and anyone using the IOATAFamily.kext currently is SOL, bc it causes a kp. To eliminate the need for this kext, make sure you have ahci enabled in your BIOS (Even if you have windows already installed, you can do it safely by just changing a registry setting.


For WIndows 7 to change from IDE to AHCI mode after you already installed it (It should work for Vista too)



After that the DTDT Patch to remove the KP when not having the IOATAFamily kext present




So far everything in S/L/E is 100% vanilla (Minus network card), but here is what I need help with.


1. I use the VOODOOBATERY kext to properly display the Battery meter, I want to eliminate the need for this via DSDT


2. I use VOODOOHDA for audio, I want to elimate the need for this via DSDT


3. I use IOPCIFamily to fix my USB, again want the DSDT fix


4. I use SleepEnabler to fix the NO Sleep issue, Again Looking for DSDT Fix


5. Finally I use AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext and ApplePS2Contraoller.kext to solve my Keyboard/Trackpad issue, and want a dsdt fix (Not sure if this is possible).


6. The Network card I'm using works using APPLEBCM440Ethernet.kext, but this is the ONLY file I keep in my System/Library/Extensions folder that is not vanilla due to since it's not a system kext, it shouldn't cause issues, but you can do what you please with it.


I have attached all files needed for a 100% Vanilla install. Just put all these in your /Extra/Extensions Folder, and run the kext utility to repair permissions, or generate yourself if you like.


If anyone has any insight as to how to fixing 1-5 above without the need of using a kext, please share. I will alsokeep everyone updated if I make any progress.


All and all my system runs great as is, but what can I say, this has become a project for me and I want it to be perfect. Thanks


The ARCHIVE.zip is EVERYTHING that goes in the /Extra/Extensions folder, the other file is for the network card.


ALSO NOTE, set you boot flags to



All my 64 bit apps still run fine, but w/o doing that my network card, battery, and usb didn't work properly, and with that I have noticed no impact. It's not like windows where if you're in a 32bit mode you can't use your 64 bit stuff.


Please feel free to ask any questions. I am a Noob to this and this is only my 1st week of screwing around with all this stuff. I'm a lifelong PC guy, so the more someone can explain in simple terms, the better!





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I just noticed I forgot to include Fakesmc.kext in the archive file. There will be a kp without that, so make sure you include that in your extra folder as well.

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Updated to 10.6.3 via software update. It works fine now, but you must download a new sleepenabler.kext that is comparable with 10.6.3. Do not use the one in the archive zip. All software updates are applied (iTunes, QuickTime, 10.6.3, etc). No issues.


So far so good!

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Good job man!

I have the same laptop as you. But I still have little problems like:

-After patch my dsdt file i get graphic acelereration but i can´t shutdown/restart correctly.

-I´m having problems with internet connection; it die after few minutes that system starts.


Any idea about my troubles?

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ok thank god i found this thread... what method did yall use to install the vanilla 10.6.2? please advise. i have tried EVERYTHING i can think of... different distros and such and now im trying with my retail disc... i tried the myhack installer which kp's all the time or gives me "mac osx can't be installed on this computer" and i have to restart... please help me get it installed... i can handle the rest after that

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