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Parting Out Pentium D Box...

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Hey all,


Decided on a Mac Book for now, so I'm selling my box which has been great to me but I want a portable at the moment. Here is a list of the parts. These are located in Canada, and we can negotiate prices on each item, or for the entire machine. Just PM me !


Asus p5ld2-vm Motherboard


This is pretty much THE board for running OSX86. Everything works (except line-in audio). Specs here.


Pentium D 805 CPU


Dual core, overclocks well to 3.4 ghz @ 1.3v (on my configuration, anyways). Same series as Toms Hardware's review (SL8ZH) Overclocked to 4.1 GHZ. I've never used the stock HSF, as I have an Arctic Cooling Freezer Pro, which is for sale too.


1 GB Kingston ValueRAM PC2-4200 (2x512) @ 4-4-4-12


LG 4163B DVD Superdrive Fully Supported


WD 120GB IDE Hard Drive 8MB cache


D-link G520 Wireless Pci card. automatically detected as airport extreme!


BFG 6600GT 128 MB PCIe Graphics chip. Been sitting since September when I got set up with os X. Its got an Arctic Cooling Silencer, so its silent :) Maybe it'll be supported fully in the near future by the MacVidia team.


I also have a case and PSU that I'll include if someone wants the entire system. Here.


The system runs like a dream, make no mistake. I just can't haul it around like a laptop! :P

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guys i'm still here (the machine is too)...


I could let it go for $400, $475 w/ the graphics card (USD). Plus actual shipping cost. Note: ships from canada.

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Apple probably will change their opininons of this forum very soon. So many people bought or want to buy Macs after tingling with OS X 86.

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