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From Tiger to Leopard to Snow Leopard

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When Apple went to Intel back in 2006 I knew I'd be running a hackintosh. That was way back in June of 2006, I think my first install was JAS 10.4.7 on a single core AMD Sempron which I bought special for the occasion. . .


A year later exactly, in June of 2007, Apple had gone from 10.4.7 to 10.4.10, and the good people of the osx x86 community were making all kinds of custom DVD's available for anyone willing to try a hack or two. . .and in Nov. of 2007 Tiger was left updated at 10.4.11 where it remains today, while Apple's official release of Leopard 10.5 was the very next month in October. . .Since that time of October 26, 2007, they have gone all the way to 10.5.0 to 10.5.8, almost 2 years later. . and now with the release of Snow Leopard in March, things are changing very quickly so much so that anyone owning a G5 PPC will not be able to run it, only Intel's which is a good thing because now they won't have to make universal apps anymore, it will all simply be for Intel's only. . .Marketing strategy? Technology leap? You make the call. . .


Personally, I've struggled way more with Leopard than I ever had with Tiger. . .I think my 1st couple attempts at installing leopard didn't even work! Not that I'm complaining, but it seems like I had way less troubles and headaches with Tiger than I ever did with Leopard. True, if I wanted to get an Intel setup that probably change things dramatically. . .I realize people are going to to get different mileage out of different hardware, and it's always been different strokes for different folks.


Lastly, I suffer from a "if it's not broke don't fix it" mentality, and I know the true nature of technology abhors a vacuum, but can we at least get some enjoyment out of one thing while it lasts? Do we have to keep updating?? I've since gone back to Tiger after fussing with the latest round of Apple updates and hack installs for Leopard because, it just works. . .Call me crazy, I guess I won't be running Googles new Chrome browser or RipIt or any cool new software released for Leopard, that's ok tho, they're are still lot's of Tiger friendly apps to choose from, and my retail install Leopard drive is just a boot away. . .


here's a break down of all the apple updates from Tiger to Leopard to Snow Leopard as of 9/20/09


Version history

Mac OS X Tiger

version build release date notes

10.4.0 8A428 29 April 2005 retail

10.4.1 8B15 16 May 2005 Apple

10.4.2 8C46 12 July 2005 Apple

10.4.2 8E102 12 October 2005 exclusively for Front Row iMac G5 released on same date

10.4.2 8E45 19 October 2005 exclusively for PowerBook G4s released on same date

10.4.2 8E90 19 October 2005 exclusively for Power Mac G5 Dual and Quad released on same date

10.4.3 8F46 31 October 2005 Included in updated retail copies

10.4.4 8G32 for PowerPC, 8G1165 for Intel 10 January 2006

10.4.5 8H14 for PowerPC, 8G1454 for Intel 14 February 2006

10.4.6 8I127 for PowerPC, 8I1119 for Intel 3 April 2006

10.4.7 8J135 for PowerPC, 8J2135a for Intel 27 June 2006 (PowerPC / Intel)

10.4.7 8K1079 7 August 2006 exclusively for Mac Pro released the same date

10.4.7 8N5107 7 August 2006 exclusively for Apple TV (formerly codenamed iTV)

10.4.8 8L127 for PowerPC, 8L2127 for Intel 29 September 2006 (PowerPC / Intel)

10.4.9 8P135 for PowerPC, 8P2137 for Intel 13 March 2007 Apple (PowerPC / Intel)

10.4.10 8R218 for PowerPC, 8R2218 for Intel 20 June 2007 Apple (PowerPC / Intel)

10.4.11 8S165 for PowerPC, 8S2167 for Intel 14 November 2007 (PowerPC / Intel)


Version history Leopard

Version Build Release date Availablity

10.5.0 9A581 26 October 2007 Available on first-released retail DVD

10.5.1 9B18 15 November 2007 also available on second-released retail DVD

10.5.2 9C31 11 February 2008

10.5.3 9D34 28 May 2008

10.5.4 9E17 30 June 2008 also available on third-released retail DVD

10.5.5 9F33 15 September 2008

10.5.6 9G55 15 December 2008,

9G66 6 January 2009 Available on fourth-released retail DVD (part of Mac Box Set)

10.5.7 9J61 12 May 2009

10.5.8 9L31a 5 August 2009


Version history Snow Leopard

Version Build Release date Major changes Notes

10.6 10A286 March 6, 2009 QuickTime X player, Cocoa-based Finder, ZFS version 11, visual tweaks, Developer-only release

10.6 10A354 May 8, 2009 Seeded to developers

10.6 10A380 June 8, 2009 Released after a public keynote preview at Apple's WWDC

10.6 10A394 June 26, 2009 Added the advertised Dock Exposé feature; speed improvements, Pushed to developers via Software Update

10.6 10A411 July 17, 2009 Developer-only release

10.6 10A421 July 24, 2009 Developer-only release

10.6.0 10A432 August 12, 2009 Available on first-released retail DVD (Workstation)

10.6.0 10A433 August 12, 2009 Available on first-released retail DVD (Server)

10.6.1 10B504 September 8, 2009 1st official Software Update

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ok this was a stupid post, I don't know what I was thinking. . .Leopard is way cooler than tiger. . .I guess I just miss the good ol days of Tiger and it's simplicity. . .

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Hum, I never used tiger on a hackintosh myself but i have a old ppc g4 Macmini and a san rosa Macbook pro from mid 2007 and to me Tiger was the most stable os experience I've ever had, the first year of leopard was plagued by wifi and audio bugs preventing proper audio interfaces to function correctly until 10.5.4.

This obviously made me sort of annoyed with leopard which was other wise a good os for most things, but after the first year Leopard became a reasonable replacement for tiger for me, when i upgraded my Macmini g4 to leopard i was concerned it would be too slow but i was positively surprised with the upgrade where everything seemed much faster and better optimized for it than in tiger.


Then again I had the same experience with my macbook pro when i upgraded from Leopard to snow Leopard which seemed like a big leap in optimizations and has been more or less completely trouble free on a macintosh, however my pc which is a Amd Phenom II x4 is better of running leopard for the moment since i can't use 64bit with any kernel so far anyway, plus none of the kernels have on the fly cpuid patching.

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