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Xbench score degrades as clock speed goes up?

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My machine is as stated in my signature save that I've got the FSB now set at 230 (3.45GHz). It managed to boot at 240 and POST at 250 with the stock voltage. A slight increase in CPU core voltage got it to boot at 250 without much trouble. Alas when I benchmarked it at 3.75GHz (FSB = 250) it performed worse than 3.6GHz which was worse than 3.45GHz! BTW, 3.45GHz was the peak at which I could get it to POST, boot and still get a good Xbench score with the default voltage.


In each incremental increase over 3.45GHz the CPU score increased while the overall score decreased. I suppose that the FSB is also overclocking anything else running on that bus to negative effect or am I mistaken?


I'm a relatively experienced overclocker but the hardware I'm working with (save for the CPU) isn't ideal for this. Any suggestion as to how I can keep upping the benchmark?

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that means your system is on the brink of being unstable, or the ram is too slow.


reason being is because the ram is holding back the processor's bandwidth.


OR, the score is being affected due to the instability of the processor, which probably skips a beat or two while doing its calculations.


this is almost the equivalent of the AMD stuttering problem for dual core users. it is using both cores, but the fact that there is one cpu that is stuttering slows everything down.


it's ALMOST the same.

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