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How can I share my internet connection to my iphone?

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My goal is simple,I want to share my internet connection on my Hackintosh to my iphone so I can go on Wifi at home.

I have a TP-Link USB WLAN stick which is basically a Zydas standard stick,it can be used to create a Wifi hotspot at home.

This has been done and working well with Windows 7 on the same machine,so there must be a way to do it with Mac.

I have downloaded and installed the latest driver for Zydas USB WLAN stick,and at system preferences it shows that it recognizes the stick as ethernet(en1),it automatically assigns to an IP address( but it doesn't seem to do anything without filling in the DNS server,search domains and other information.I have enabled Internet sharing in the Sharing setting.


So my question is,how can I setup a Wifi environment for my iphone to connect to the internet with the WLAN stick?


I have been asking in the forum for quite a long time but nobody answered my question.

Thank you very much for any help.

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Don't know if you can do this with OS X but in Windows what you want to do is create a Wired network with your computer then use the Wireless USB stick to create an Ad-Hoc network and then create a network bridge between the Wireless and the Wired. This will allow network sharing by having your iPhone connect to the wireless Ad-Hoc network and then bridge over to the Wired network for internet access.


Also theres Internet Sharing in the sharing icon of Preferences where you can connect with ethernet and then enable internet sharing over the Wifi Adapter using an Ad-Hoc connection.


Never done it before but if you need help I have a bit of networking experience so you can PM me and ill lend a hand where I can

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Hey thanks for the reply,I appreciate it very much.

But as I've said in my post I have already done all the things you suggested.

I don't have problems with windows,it's just that I have no idea how to set it on OSX.

I have found that obtaining a network card that can be recognized as an Airport NIC is the easiest way to go.

So if no one can answer my problem to this,is there any cheaper Airport capable cards someone could recommend?

Since most shops in my place sells stuffs from TP-Link,is there one from them?

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if you have your wlan-stick as a receiver recognized go ahead ( airport antenna sign in the menu bar)


go to sys prefs > sharing > enable internet sharing > share your ethernet conection with >click on airport > name network etc.


then ther should be a upward arrow in the antenna symbol.


if you dont have the airport antenna, look for drivers (kexts) for you stick.

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