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[Review] 15" Macbook Pro

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Rating: ;):happymac::happymac::happymac: (4/5)


First off, let me say I love my Macbook. It is an incredible laptop, compared to the first one I owned: a Sony VAIO PGC-K33(http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0002XRGW...glance&n=541966), which was a horrible laptop, in my opinion. A few words about that one: low battery life, and excessive heat(hotter than the MBP!).


Enough about my old laptop, I'm reviewing the Macbook, not that one.


Hardware: OK. I bought the 15" Macbook Pro, with 1.83GHz Intel Core Duo and 512MB SDR2RAM. Even with a low 512 RAM, I personally feel that this laptop absolutely flies when it does typical things, like office work or Internet surfing. For gaming, it lacks a little, but that isn't anything more RAM can't solve. Plus, gaming isn't what a laptop is for typically. The Radeon X1600 with 128MB RAM is good enough for me.


Software: When I bought it in early April, it came with iLife, iWork trial, MS Office 2004 Trial, etc. I was impressed at the amount of software it included with it, so no disappointments here.


Heat Issue: I, like many others have had a heat issue with their Macbooks. This is where I knocked down the Macbook a point. I knocked it down, because after reading the forums a bit and finding out about the heat paste issue, I thought that was a little sloppy on Apple's part.


Whining: I have whining in my laptop too, but I hardly see this as a problem: it is fixable in about 30 seconds with Photo Booth, so I honestly question myself as to why it is even an issue to be worried about.


Sound: The Intel High Definition Audio the Macbook comes with is crystal clear, and very nice to listen to.


Screen Brightness: It is bright enough for me to do my daily computing tasks with, so no issues here.


Overall: A very solid laptop. Despite its shortcoming in the heat area, I feel this is a very good laptop for its size and weight, as well as its power, etc. I would recommend this computer to anyone who has a little bit more money than the average person, and wants a laptop that will last.

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Thanks for the review, Dax!


Did you pick up any accessories that are must haves?

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I'm thinking that when I get mine, I'll probably snag a bluetooth mouse to go along with it.


At this point, though, I might wait until the next one or two Revs come up... to see if the whine and heat issues are fixed. I wouldn't mind doing the paste myself, but it is tricky and can really screw things up.

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As far as the paste thing goes, I'm not sure if I'll mess with it myself yet or not.

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