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[GUIDE] Chameleon 2 RAID - More complete tutorial

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anyone still using this technique with lion?


way back I replaced the Leopard with CCC with a SL and it did un absolutely smothely without any further work.


now I replaced it with lion. It does not work anymore.


I started fresh (with clean boot osx partitions) with the newest version of chameleon, I put the Raid volume UUID in there as I am supposed to but it does not work as it should. when I boot from one of the raid volumes I get into chameleon. when I then coose one of the helper partitions it won't boot, says it can't ind mach_kernel. odd enough it does boot when I select another non raid volume. It then boots the raid.


If I put a mach_kernel into the boot helper partitions it directly fails an tells me it can't load the kexts. Others seemed to have a similiar problem, how did you guys fix it?


I can use the raid just fine but I can only boot it with the help of another installation, I don't want that


got it. you HAVE to use a chameleon trunk newer then 1200, it is covered here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...=264797&hl=


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I'm trying to follow the guide, but I can't because I don't have any helper partitions. On my two WD 500GB sata iii drives, I first partitioned a 64 and a remainder partition. THen I set the 64 part of each to striping, and the remainder of each to striping. I'm trying to boot to the 64gb section. Any idea why I wouldn't get the helper partition? And more importantly, is there a work around?


I'm on 10.7.2



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