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ATI Mobility Radeon 9600/9700 QE Enabled....WORKS!

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Just wanted to share some info with you all. Have been trying for ages to see if i can get CI and QE enabled on my laptop which has an ATI Mobility Radeon 9600/9700 AGP graphics chip. Nearly all the forum threads related to this chip all say that it cannot be done or that there was files available but only in the very early versions of Leopard. I came across this thread yesterday http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...0415&st=880 (look at post #885) and there contains a file package which contains some beta i386 files for 10.5 for the 9700 boards. I downloaded it and installed all the files. The only file i had to modify was CallistoHAL.kext so the IOPCIMatch string matched my vendor ID which is 4e50.


I rebooted and checked in system-profiler and guess what, it says the QE is supported!!!. I still don't have CI because i think that is down to the AGP card not being detected properly in 10.5. If anyone knows which files i need to change please let me know, many thanks.


Enclosed is a screenshot of my 10.5.2 system showing that QE is supported. Now just have to figure out how to get CI working. At the moment it says software supported but as you now, we need it to say hardware supported.


Oh yeah, incase your wondering, i'm using the AGPGart file from my 10.4.8. It's version 1.0. I've tried version 2.4, 2.4.2 and 2.7.1 and all just cause the laptop to lockup so for now i am content with what i have working. You will get the odd square pixels appearing on the screen as you move your mouse about. I used this method to get around that problem http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...amp;#entry89236




Edit: I forgot to add, as with the poster in the first thread i've put, there is a lot instability. I cannot get the DVD to work, it opens then closes, Screen saver application wont open, just closes. Quicktime that uses the Divx codec crashes as well. Have not tried other applications yet that are graphic intensive, maybe they will crash also, so be warned!!!!



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thank you so much. at least now i've got qe enabled. im at the same stage as you, with no CI and really unreliable graphics, videos dontplay, screensaver etc.


anyone got core image working, im a total noob at this kinda stuff.


My understanding is that Apple has drivers for this card but only in PPC, that was the real brick wall that developers had when trying to get this card working. I have no idea how to code anything but it would be awesome to get some reliable QE/CI support.


btw, are the 9600 and 9700 the same thing, because my laptop has the 9700 sticker on it, 9700 drivers work but when I boot it says 9600.


It actually worked fairly well before i got the QE working, but mainly I need QE and CI to get iMovie to work. And one of the biggest reasons I did this whole hackintosh thing was so I could make some iMovies!

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can you tell me how you installed all the files, because kexthelper doesnt install them clearly.





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any progress/updates on this?? or anyone for that matter?? i have a t42 with a radeon 9700 that successfuly took iPC 10.5.6. looking to try this above solution but wanted to see if anyone else had tried???

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