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Good price to pay for a Quicksilver G4?

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I'm looking for some advice on a good price to pay for a used Quicksilver G4 in excellent condition.


A local printing company is auctioning off all of their old equipment and (IMO) the prize to get is this G4...they have primarily printing/copying equipment, and there are a few other Macs but they're old...umm...WAAAAAY old (we're talking like 3 6100's, a few 7x00s and I think an 8500).


Unfortunately it's the lowest end Quicksilver G4 that was made. :D

G4 733

640 MB Ram (at least they upgraded the stock 128 on this model)

40g HD

It has OS9.2 installed currently but (from what I've dug up online), it should include an OSX install (although it's probably an old version...10.1 maybe?).


They do still have the box and physically everything's in great shape.


The store's kinda in the middle of nowhere with no other printing companies really within 20 miles or so, so I'm hoping to get a steal of a price...my bosses are going there to try and pick up some printing equipment and I'm going along for the ride to try and get the G4.


However - I'm not good with value on used Macs. I've seen quite a lot of used Macs on eBay, but (as I figured), most have high starting bids ($300+) and therefore, 0 bids. Can anyone give me an idea as to what this thing should go for? (I'm hoping to get it for $250 or less, but then again that's dependent upon if anyone else shows up to the auction and wants a 5 year old machine; I'm also hoping that if anyone else does show up, they've got newer equipment and wouldn't want this since it's older.)


The reason I want to get it is basically 1) if it's cheap enough I'd definitely take it and 2) I'll use it maybe 50/50 with a high end PC I have at home...primarily I'm just hoping to get a decent Mac that will run OSX good and not pay too much. I don't need G5 speeds or a G5 price - maybe in a year or so I'll get a new PowerMac but for now this would work ok. :) If I do end up getting it, I will upgrade the Ram to 1gig (maybe more), and possibly upgrade the CPU down the road. I'd also upgrade to Tiger and primarily use it for Adobe CS Suite.


TIA everyone

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For under $150 it doesn't sound to terrible... $150 is way high for that hardware but if they have all the original documentation, box and install cd's thats a decently priced setup.


Here you can find Upgrade Cards for the mac.




:-) Without an upgrade card it should run OS X 10.3 nicely and if you Upgrade the CPU or put a gig of ram in then OS 10.4 should run well.


You can find quicksilvers like that popping up on ebay all the time and they are usually fetched for around $75 plus shipping.

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Doesnt surprise me at all! I've NEVER seen a g4 anything for $75, ever! There are so many idiots out there who will pay top dollar for anything apple. I usually buy and sell them on ebay and it never surprises me what people will pay on ebay when you fancy up the auction page and give a good description. I sold a mirror drive door 800mhz single processor with 512 ram and stock video card for $1400 and turned right around and bought a single proc. G5 through the apple store for $1299. The list goes on and on...

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