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EFI-OpenCore-z390pro.zip 1.1.2

By texem ( Find their other files )

About This File

OpenCore 0.5.2 EFI  for Gigabyte z390pro  . Do not use as is : You need to enter your serials and UUID (take them from RT variables in Clover Configurator f.i.)

Check monitor resolution. Test via USB stick recommended !!






What's New in Version 1.1.2   See changelog


new DSDT patches for use with BIOS F11 ( 14/Nov/19 ) .


F11 BIOS has CFG-lock.

To get full PowerManagement (C-states und P-states) 

you need to unlock your UEFI or if impossible modify quirk to





or more better: flash the unlocked version


SMBIOS credentials SN, UUID, MLB just copy from Clover or old OC config.plist.


IGPU disabled , this version is using a RX580 .

For Vega etc use other DSDT


We have native NVRAM working on z390 !!



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