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About This File

I want some detailed info from fellow Ozmosis users.

May also be of use to Clover as well as Open Core Testers

Info will speed up debugging/fixing problems you may have

Uefi Shell Script file for:

Ozmosis/Clover located on any readable media

Open Core

Purpose: Teach you how to boil water.:wink_anim:

Info Collected has 2 purposes:

1. Help Developers fix problem with their Project.:thumbsup_anim:

2. For the more knowledgable ;)

Important: Ozmosis Users

Make sure you have your Ozmosis ( any version ) and HermitShell efi file.

You should know how to obtain it from any FW floating around.

This procedure will allow you to Test Multiple Versions of Ozmosis Very Quickly

Ozmosis Recommended Procedure:

Follow these steps


Place UEFIDUMP.nsh, Ozmosis.efi, HermitShell.efi,HFSPlus.efi in your Efi folder


Put Ozmosis and HermitShell into FW Boot Menu

Easy Way:

Use easyuefi.exe to add Ozmosis and HermitShell. Google that if necessary

Potentially Dangerous Way:

Boot HermitShell

See A: to use load

See B: to use bcfg.


Reboot and use your F11 key or whatever to bring up your boot menu


Select HermitShell

HermitShell will boot

type map -r to reload file systems

make sure you have no drivers installed

​bcfg boot dump

If it shows nothing

​type bcfg boot add 0


Select Ozmosis

IF Ozmosis boots, it SHOULD return to the boot menu

you may also see different screens flash depending on your HW/Ozmosis Version

if its doesn't return to boot menu, See C:


Select Hermitshell

HermitShell will boot





type UEFIDUMP.nsh

This runs the following:


echo -off

mkdir Dump

cd Dump


echo bdmesg ...

bdmesg > bdmesg.txt


echo bcfg boot dump ...

bcfg boot dump > bcfg.txt


echo guid ...

guid > guid.txt


echo "smbiosview -a ..."

smbiosview -a > smbview.txt


echo pci ...

pci > pci.txt


echo devtree ...

devtree > devtree.txt


echo dmpstore ...

dmpstore > dmpstore.txt


echo drivers ...

drivers > drivers.txt


echo map ...

map > map.txt


echo devices ...

devices > devices.txt


echo memmap ...

memmap > memmap.txt


echo mem ...

mem > mem.txt


echo ver ...

ver > ver.txt


echo "dh -v ..."

dh -v > dh.txt

cd ..

echo Logs created in Dump


zip and send me that file


load -nc fs0:\EFI\Ozmosis.efi

Do Step 6


bcfg driver add 0 fs0:\EFI\Ozmosis.efi "Oz"

You can only add as driver and can brick some MB's you have been warned.

Do Step 6

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