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AppleHDA, AppleALC, and Clover EFI Config for Realtek ALC282

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About This File

Steps to install:

1: Install AppleHDA to /S/L/E using your Kext Installer

2: Mount your Clover EFI partition

3: Put AppleALC in /EFI/Clover/Kexts/Other

4: Add this to the Devices section in your config.plist

		<key>Audio</key>		<dict>			<key>Inject</key>			<string>3</string>		</dict>

5: Also, Add this to the KextsToPatch section in KernelAndKextPatches in your config.plist (Included KextsToPatch in there for people who don't have it in their config.plist)

		<key>KextsToPatch</key>		<array>			<dict>				<key>Comment</key>				<string>Zeroing 10ec0885 codec</string>				<key>Find</key>				<data>				hQjsEA==				</data>				<key>Name</key>				<string>AppleHDA</string>				<key>Replace</key>				<data>				AAAAAA==				</data>			</dict>			<dict>				<key>Comment</key>				<string>Patching 11d41984 with 10ec0282 codec</string>				<key>Find</key>				<data>				hBnUEQ==				</data>				<key>Name</key>				<string>AppleHDA</string>				<key>Replace</key>				<data>				ggLsEA==				</data>			</dict>		</array>

6: Reboot, And audio will work

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