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About This File

Micky1979 and Mirone are glad to present you a new version of AppleHDA Patcher.app that will help you enabling sound on your Hack!


AppleHDA Patcher v1.9



AppleHDA Patcher, Jarvis ready

funny? Well, born for fun joking with Mirone about some adventures patching AppleHDA.kext.

Anyway Jarvis is there!

--> Troubleshotting:





  • the app require a vanilla AppleHDA from the current system, otherwise can't work.
  • "drag an AppleHDA" functionality serves only if you are trying to patch it for another System and you use this system with the patched kext generated, or if is your saved vanilla kext (backup) and is the version needed by your system (not extracted with pacifist because should be incomplete). Also be sure is not a rollback from a minor version of the system (eg kext from 10.11 in 10.12 or from 10.11.5 in 10.11.6)
  • Generated kexts must be correctly installed (permissions repaired and cache rebuilted), the app did not install anything (look inside ~/Desktop/MironeAudio).
  • if does not work, be sure you have injected the correct layout-id (you can see it in ioreg).
  • if does not work, mind that all the patches are all reported as working by someone else system.
  • If does not work, be sure you have removed thirt party conflictual kexts (voodoohda, AppleALC, AppleHDADisabler, someone else injector), or you have removed or edited from your DSDT/SSDTs someone else patch you have applied previously.
  • There are differences between systems, so if you are sure your System is ok, probably you need a custom patch, we need the codec dump from linux
  • Don't work? Ok, but knowing only that, personally I don't care because mine always work. So comment at least if you are able to provide information like a ioreg firstly, but also your config.plist/patched dsdt or ssdt if any. Also the app as a function called "Jarvis" so a copy-paste of that is also appreciated.



1- You don't need to have separate patches, now they are implemented within the app, just choose Desktop's or Laptop's.


2- Is it possible to patch AppleHDA.kext for different OS X versions, he supports all kexts from 10.7 up to 10.11 (and newer), or by default use the one in /System/Library/Extensions as base for the patches without drag anything.


3- You can create kexts through its patched files (Platforms.xml, LayoutX.xml, Info.plist for AppleHDAHardwareConfigDriver.kext )

drag all of your files, choose or type the codec to patch the binary. The process automatically start.


4- Is automatically created a full patched AppleHDA.kext + HDAEnabler.kext to be used with all bootloaders, an aDummyHDA.kext and a config.plist *sample (to be used with Clover), an HDEF patch to be used with MaciASL ready with the correct layout-id (in case you chose to patch laptops also an IRQ patch will be generated), and also you will find usefull the CodecCommander.kext + hda-verbs by Rehabman forks.

All files will be placed inside ~/Desktop/MironeAudio, just choose what you need.


5- for all steps 1, 2 and 3 you can also drag to the app interface your real config.plist to be edited where necessary.


6- The application is able to make corrections remotely updating itself when and if necessary.



The app produces various files, off course you do not have to use them all:


Use aDummyHDA.kext + edited config.plist for Clover (Ozmosis works similar)

For all other bootloader use the full patched AppleHDA.kext (+ HDAEnabler.kext or DSDT edits... not both).

Use CodecCommander.kext if the sound does not work after the sleep (wake), read more here.

aDummyHDA.kext goes in /System/Library/Extensions






1- la nuova app ha tutte le patch incluse, per cui non c’è bisogno di file separati come in passato.

2- è possibile patchare AppleHDA.kext per le diverse versioni di OS X, da 10.7.x a 10.11.x (e versioni successive se non ci saranno cambiamenti). E’ richiesto che AppleHDA.kext sia presente in /System/Library/Extensions/ e che sia vanilla (mai patchato).


3- è possibile creare kexts anche importando i vari file che hai fatto tu (Platforms.xml, LayoutX.xml, Info.plist per AppleHDAHardwareConfigDriver.kext):

basta trascinarli sull’interfaccia e il processo partirà automaticamente.


4- vengono creati automaticamente un AppleHDA.kext completamente patchato + HDAEnabler.kext per essere utilizzato con tutti i bootloader (ok per Enoch che non può patchare al volo il kext), un aDummyHDA.kext e un campione del config.plist * (da usare con Clover), una patch HDEF da utilizzare con MaciASL pronto con le modifiche per il tuo DSDT con il corretto layout-id (nel caso hai generato una patch per portatili ci sarà anche una patch per gli IRQ sempre da applicare con Maciasl), in più troverete utile il CodecCommander.kext di Rehabman.

Tutti i file saranno collocati sul Desktop in una cartella chiamata “MironeAudio”, basta scegliere quello che vi serve (ricapitolando aDummyHDA.kext + config.plist per Clover, AppleHDA.kext patchato + HDAEnabler.kext per Enoch).


5- per tutte le fasi 1, 2 e 3 è anche possibile trascinare nell’interfaccia dell’applicazione il tuo vero config.plist prima di pigiare il bottone “patch AppleHDA”, così il KextsToPatch verrà aggiustato con le patch richieste per far funzionare l’audio. Ovviamente verrà fatta una copia modificata all’interno della cartella “MironeAudio”, nella sottocartella “Clover” che contirne il kext generato. Il tuo non verrà toccato… te lo devi rimpiazzare da solo.


6- L'applicazione è in grado di ricevere update in remoto per avere sempre le ultime modifiche ai vari codecs.



L'applicazione produce vari file, ma naturalmente non c'è bisogno di usarli tutti:


Utilizzare config.plist+aDummyHDA.kext per Clover. Se non avete trascinato il vostro vero config.plist quello generato è solo un esempio con le modifiche da apportare al vostro, da non utilizzare così com’è, altrimenti se lo avete trascinato.. una copia modificata la trovate all’interno di MironeAudio/nome del codec/versione del kext/Clover/config.plist.

Per tutti gli altri bootloader potete utilizzare il “full patched AppleHDA.kext patch” (con HDAEnabler.kext o DSDT modificato con le patch generate ... ma ovvio non entrambi).

Utilizzare CodecCommander.kext se il suono non funziona dopo il wake (risveglio).



Works in 10.7+



bcc9 for patch_hda.pl ported to obj-c code by Micky1979

Andy Vandijck for getcodecid command

Pike R. Alpha for the idea of the Dummy kext

Geoff Garside for the zlib implementation

Kabyl and Taruga for the HDAEnabler.kext

Mirone for all the patches

RehabMan, TimeWalker75a, The-darkvoid for the CodecCommander.kext, here.

RehabMan for it's fork of iasl 6.1 available here.


// AppleHDA Patcher


// Created by Micky1979 and Mirone on 18/11/15.

// Copyright © 2015 Micky1979, Mirone and InsanelyMac.com. All rights reserved.


What's New in Version v1.8   See changelog


  • v1.8 Added more codecs for Laptop's and Desktop's.

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Nope, I did not expext this, because AppleHDA Patcher.app does not install nothing and does not care if AppleHDA.kext is loaded, only must be present in /S/L/E (if not override by dragging it by somewhere else path)

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ok, well it only does that if the (actually they aren't 10.10 but 10.9)  kexts are loaded


as soon as I remove them it does not unexpectedly quit.

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I can only assume that the System became unstable with old kext, no other reason. Anyway you can use this app in 10.9.5 and create patched AppleHDA.kext for El Capitan by dragging the El Capitan AppleHDA.kext among other files...

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Excellent, got it going! Also the clover patch too. just had to load the el cap applehda 1st as the 1st post says of course.

Works from wake too!


Thanks again, you guys are gems!

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Great app guys how do I get thi to work I used the app and added the kext it's recognised in system profiler but it not present in preferences I'm using the same DSDT that worked flawlessly in Yosemite but on El Capitan it doesn't show layout id 7 it shows 0. ?????? HELP


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Sorry no. The app contain a lot of code coming from Pandora (Zeus.app precisely), but also some code used in the Mac App Store by me.

Anyway you are Free to share it.



An update is incoming...

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Hi everyone, I have a Dell i3847 with the following running El Capitan:


Intel HD Graphics 4600
Realtek Audio Codec ALC662VD Intel 5.1 channel HD Audio (integrated)
- Intel PROCESSOR, HSL, I5-4460, 3.2G, 84W, L (Chipset H81)
- Dell Wireless-N 1705 and Bluetooth 4.0


I have gotten the back headphone jack to produce sound using the Apple HDA patcher but I still cannot get HDMI digital audio.


Any advice? Thanks!

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Hi @ot0001,

You have to patch the AppleIntelFramebufferCapri binary on the filesystem or using the Clover KextsToPatch. Basically you have to add the missing connector to your your ig-platform-id, or change the port. (HDMI deal with video cards, not audio chip itself)

We can add that to AppleHDA Patcher, but not now, very busy

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