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Posting screenshots/images, etc... Spoiler tag - With video guide.

This announcement is no longer active


Hey fellas, how are ya?


As all of you know, our Forum is - in short words - slow, very slow.


So we have a lot of news about on how to use new methods to install macOS and etc. which is great btw.
Now we want to give you a helpful tip! When you post a screenshot / photo / image please put the media inside a spoiler tag, all members have this option available:

Screen Shot 2020-07-05 at 21.37.07.png


Video guide for newbies:


By doing so the post will shrink and maybe the pages will load faster. :w00t:


I know, I know that's not what we used to do, but by doing that it can be less stressful for all of us.


Thank you again! Cya ;)

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