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Welcome to InsanelyMac.com - No more ads! And some exciting news...

This announcement is no longer active


Dear forum dwellers and visitors, the team from CleverFiles is pleased to welcome you here. We've taken over this cozy Mac-devoted community space a couple weeks ago, and we are learning our ways around with the help of the friendly team of long-time admins and community supporters.


First and foremost, we'll do our best to help the forums evolve and prosper. With some optimizations already under way, most of the sections you are all used to will live on. Expect a ton of new materials, FAQs and articles, product comparison and expert advice.


You may have noticed the vastly improved speed, and tiny refinements here and there. The most important of those - we turned off all ads! We are committed to removing all distractions and boosting our communication on the way to the world's #1 fan-supported forums about Macs. We are open to your comments and suggestions.


Have you found a bug or a forum issue, please report to our team asap.


BTW, we are always looking for talented writers to help us with the new content (top-level English only, for now). Get in touch for our pricing offer. Seeking high quality, self-verified and self-uploaded content. Wordpress knowledge required.


Contact us: send a direct message via these forum, email info@insanelymac.com, or reply in this topic.


PS: Please excuse some technical turbulence the upcoming weeks while we are fine-tuning the new server.


PSS: We are software developers, just like many of you. Our brainchild product is Disk Drill, the top data recovery app on the net. We'd appreciate a shout-out at www.cleverfiles.com - thx!

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