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ASUS Z97-Gryphon plus i7 4790K - two remaining major issues

02 June 2015 - 02:37 AM

Hi, folks!


I used to have a Gigabyte H77-DS3H, alongside my AMD and Atom hackintoshes and my MBP. The Gigabyte motherboard fried, so I decided to go for reasonably hi-end gear for a replacement, since it was my workstation computer. So I bought an i7 4790K and an ASUS Z97-Gryphon, because of the possibility of a future Thunderbolt expansion.


With Yosemite, I had some problems making the HD4600 IGPU to work alongside my 9800GT and G210 cards, but got past it with the help of Joe75 and others, and the rest was peace of cake - everything works as a charm and my GB scores go north of 17K. With Mavericks, I'm having a harder time, and only got QE/Ci for the HD4600+nVidia cards this weekend, with the help of Crushers. Now, I'm having difficulties with enabling native AppleHDA for my ALC892 codec, having tried Toleda's script to no avail. Besides this, I need the StartUp disk feature to work, since I don't have wired input sources, only my Apple Magic Mouse and BT keyboard. It works from the Yosemite disk to boot the Mavericks disk, but when I need to boot back to 10.10.x from Mavericks, it ignores the command and boot back to 10.9.5.


So there are two issues, both of them relevant, and my own fixes got me nowhere, so any help will be much appreciated. Attached are an IOREG.ioreg and my current config.plist, tweaked by Crushers. I don't use a DSDT, so I attached also my clean vanilla DSDT.aml.


All the best!


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ASUS Z97-Gryphon, no QE/CI with H4600, a nVidia card, or both combined. This time with...

30 May 2015 - 05:36 AM

Does Mavericks require any special care when running on my Gryphon using the HD4600? I'm not being able to repeat with 10.9.5 the positive I have with 10.10.3 (thanks to advice I got in this topic, btw), despite using the very same config.plist. (Clover EFI). Using a patched Azul FB also did no good, and now I don't have my vanilla kext anymore.


Any advice will be much appreciated. These files were extracted on Yosemite, since I cannot boot mavericks, but the config.plist is the same I use. No patched DSDT or SSDT - with Yosemite they gave me the dreaded root device error, so I decided to save the pain.


All the best!


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ASUS Z97-Gryphon, no QE/CI with H4600, a nVidia card, or both combined. Need help.

29 May 2015 - 08:06 AM

I lost the entire day trying to solve this. First, using Rampage's Haswell DMG, but it seems the files won't work with my mobo (perhaps my Gryphon is not the 1.3 version he supports, who knows?). Then, trying some fixes of my own. Tried with the HD4600 only, with the Geforce G210 only and then with both, with the 4600 as primary monitor. If I drop all OEM SSDT, to use the one provided by Rampage, I get the waiting for root device error. If I use his config.plist with his SSDT, no QE/CI for me (in fact, I just realised that because of no translucent menu bar and Youtube and videos in general not running, otherwise graphics are running surprisingly smooth).


Here's my IOREG and my config.plist, perhaps someone can find a solution where I failed to do.


All the best!


Attached File  Archive.zip   785.76KB   4 downloads

P.S.: I'm using the latest Clover version available on SourceForge. My BIOS was updated to the latest and greatest. I have also a 9800GT on the motherboard, it doesn't work as well.

Does anyone have the Asus Thunderboltex II card?

27 May 2015 - 06:08 AM



I recently had to upgrade my computer, after my motherboard went bang a couple of weeks ago. As you can see in my sig, I'm now a proud owner of an Asus Z97 Gryphon m-ATX board. One of the nicest features of it is the possibility of thunderbolt expansion via the Asus Thunderboltex II PCI-e card, for a smaller total cost than Gigabyte's competing solution, the Z97-UD7-TH. On the other hand, the UD7-TH thunderbolt port works more or less OOB under OSX - like everything Gigabyte usually does - and didn't even know the Asus card existed until very recently.


So I'm now curious - did I make a good choice going Gryphon for a future thunderbolt capability without the UD7-TH's price tag? Have anyone actually tried this card with a hackintosh? If so, does it work fine, or work at all?


All the best!

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