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QUO Computer website is back again!

04 October 2014 - 03:13 AM

For those of you, like myself, who choose not buying QUO when it was on kickstarter phase and now regret for quite a while not being able to use a thunderbolt capable board with our good old Ivy Bridge CPUs, since 7-series boards vanished, and the few ones which had TB more so, that's noteworthy news. I was planning to upgrade my old i5 3570K, but perhaps I had an alternative which would allow me to keep it:




Still thinking about it: does it still worth the price in these 8/9 Series/Haswell/Broadwell days?



iMessage and FaceTime - misbehaving again!

03 August 2014 - 05:59 AM

Hi, folks!


I just noticed a strange behavior with both FaceTime and iMessage, after not having been notified by iMessage on my Mac when them messages were arriving on my iPhone, for a while now. In fact, I think, since I installed DP4. I left it alone this time because of other priorities, but decided to fix it today. I obviously thought I was having some of that odd authentication issues, despite having done all the steps to get it set up properly. But when I opened Messages to check if I could log in, I realized I was already logged in! I tried to sign out and in, and it went without issues. But the issue persisted. Despite being logged in, I'm not receiving any iMessages. I'm not able to send any iMessages either: at first, all tries returned "this number/address is not registered to iMessages". Afterwards, the option was simply not available to any of my contacts!


That's not all: I decided to check FaceTime, because the issues that affect iMessage use to affect also FaceTime, and I was worried for a good reason: FaceTime also logs in and out fine, but won't let me start a conversation, both audio and video, with any of my contacts!


Is there anyone experiencing the same kind of problems? If there is, I wonder if Apple decided to deliver us a sucker punch and changed (again) the way it authenticates its services...



All the best!


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P.S.: I just realized I'm being consistently kicked from iMessage after a couple of minutes, having to log in again! If I try to log in to FaceTime, i'm kicked immediately! What the heck...?

[help needed] i5 3570k/h77-ds3h sleep, power management and About This Mac issues

23 April 2014 - 04:20 AM

Hello, folks!

My main hackintosh has been working like a charm for longer that I could remember. Then it crashed badly after a power surge last week, and apparently died. After testing individually each and every component, I found that either the motherboard was burned, or it's firmware became corrupted. Hoping for the latter, I did a CMOS reset and, after an seemingly infinite boot loop (in itself a good sign, since at least the computer was turning on), I was able to access the BIOS and enter my settings. Props for Gigabyte's Dual BIOS system!

The following day, I decided to give my computer a newer case, one with better ventilation, size, looks and front audio and USB3 connections. After my hardware was installed on its new enclosure, I noticed that About This Mac reported my hackintosh as an "iMac 27'', mid 2011", despite my iMac 13,1 smBIOS, which was loaded and correctly reported as such in the system report. And, after HWMonitor detected higher-than-usual CPU temps, I ran MSRDumper and found I was getting only 16 and 34 and the turbo 36, 37 and 38 multipliers as p-states. To make things worse, today I realized my computer wasn't waking up properly - it would wake, but to a black screen, forcing me to a hard reboot. Console.app logs were of no help at all.

I'm using the same ACPI tables, Chameleon settings and smBIOS I've been using for quite a while without any issues, so I suspect that the USB3 front header (which doesn't work) or the backup BIOS the motherboard loaded when the original one crashed might be the cause(s) of my woes. How can I isolate the culprit and, if possible, how can I solve this - I'm lost here. Any help with getting the front USB3 (which uses the motherboard header) to work like the rear USB3 ports do (with DSDT edits, because I never needed kexts for the rear ones, using this method instead: http://www.insanelym...do#entry1992234

) would also be greatly appreciated. I'm on 10.9.2 by the way.

All the best!
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